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    Help with Colors: Satin Angoras

    Black, chocolate, coppers and chestnuts. The other is either a chocolate agouti with a lot of rufus, a red, or a chocolate tort. What color was it at birth? And if you flip it over, does it have a white belly? What about tail color? Chocolate torts will have a smutty tail.
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    Wool breeds need more food?

    Just my opinions, YMMV - I feed a 16% protein food - but I feed 3.5% fat. I free feed till 4-5 months, my seniors get 1oz per # of bodyweight approximately. This is about 3/4 cup for the English, 1 cup for the satins, and 1.5 for my big French. I personally think it's not just the % of protein...
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    Popple Watch

    My satins are all incredible moms. They breed easily (we joke they have teleporting sperm, put them in the same cage and boom there are babies!), deliver easily, rarely lose kits, even first time moms (all of these are first timers) are excellent. My english on the other hand, are not as gung...
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    Popple Watch

    Well this has been a fun ride.. I think. Maybe.. I'm not really sure. It could be the fact we had record snow and cold, in the middle of it all.. Or just the sheer number of first time does. Litter 1 - Narnia's is just opening their eyes. I lost one at 4 days, and one who jumped out at 10 days...
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    Popple Watch

    I have 5 does due over the next few weeks. That's not a lot to some people, but here it's a TON! First up was Narnia, my opal doe, bred to my registered chocolate buck. She had 10(!) on Thanksgiving. We have 1 black agouti, 1 tort, 2 chocolate agouti (one of whom is still on the skinny side), 1...
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    Marketing Angora Fiber

    I'm listing some this week ;) I just need to go through and figure out what I have/how much and price it all. I was going to wait, as we're opening a yarn/fiber shop, but figured a little extra cash for bunny cages is handy right now.
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    Marketing Angora Fiber

    I sell my clean plucked/combed satin fiber for 10.00/oz. English is 8.00 oz sheared, 15.00/oz plucked, or over 6" in length. If I was to line pluck and tissue the Satin, I'd sell it for 15-20.00 depending on length and quality. Typically as soon as I list it, I sell it through my site, and I...
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    Showing angora rabbits

    1 - Buy a blower. Start blowing her coat 2 - 3 times a week, and STOP brushing :). 2 - Buy a standard of perfection and read it. 3 - Realize that an OCD person will be driven slowly insane by showing English Angoras :). 3 - Ideally know if you have molting lines, or non-molting lines. They...
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    leave them be

    I use a blower, and try to get everyone blown out every 2 weeks, my show string twice a week. Just takes a couple minutes per bunny and encourages the coat to grow. If you have more than a few, it's a great investment to think about making. I can't handle brushing due to carpel tunnel (caused by...
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    How genetic is temperament?

    I have 0 tolerance for aggression or snarky behavior in my rabbits. Partially because I raise angoras, partially because my main breed is a breed that has an old reputation for being snarky. I expect calm, friendly rabbits who enjoy people and being petted, are easy to groom, handle and who...
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    Who are you selling too?

    I sell to people looking for show stock, people looking for fiber rabbits, with good genes, and to people looking to buy well socialized rabbits. I make sure anything leaving is easy to handle, and groom, with a good personality. Show stock, is only something with excellent body and fiber. If it...
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    woodys wabbit cages vs klubertanz cages

    Woody is my 'local' cage guy, so I am biased as I go to his place frequently to buy cages. He is FAST, quality is great, and he's easy to work with. He will try to get you the lowest rate possible for shipping. I have heard iffy things about Klubertanz lately with the speed of shipping.
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    Using T-posts as cage supports/legs

    I use T-posts with heavy duty cable ties to hang my cages. The only thing I don't like, is that I can't take the cages out to clean them. Minor detail though.
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    Is it ok to breed two different type of angora

    I have mixed feelings on mixed breedings lol. The fact of the matter is, you need to be breeding to a purpose and a standard. Purebreds keep us focused on that fact. There are also a lot of mediocre angoras hanging out. They matt easily, don't produce a lot of fiber, have poor temperaments etc...
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    using type of blowers

    Dood pretty much nailed it. I used K9 dryer when I groomed dogs, and loved them. I sold my K9 3 when I got out, and have been telling myself that I don't need THAT much power for the Angoras. My old metro is trustworthy and LOUD and the K9s are stronger. I've looked the Kool Drys as well, but I...