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    Doe Hates Nursing

    Glad to hear she is nursing them now, however reluctantly. Rather than forcing a doe to nurse, it is easier and more pleasant for all involved to feed a "treat" such as dry oatmeal or a grain/conditioning mix to her in a corner of the nestbox. They will usually be so intent on eating that they...
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    Pressure Canning Off Cuts? Graphic Question

    GBov, you need to post a picture of your gruesome pantry full of animal heads floating in broth. :twisted:
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    New Title: In Indy

    Safe travels! We are in Iowa now! I just got a call from Owlsfriend who makes BunnyBran, and we have neighboring booths. :)
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    Last Show for the Season, Southern Colorado

    Hah! "Real rabbits" indeed. Did you switch breeds or something? :thinking: Congrats on saving your litter and doing it so well that you actually grew one out well enough to send it to Indy. Amazing. :bow:
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    Last Show for the Season, Southern Colorado

    Homer, you do realize that SixGuns is speaking of West Coast Classic?!? It is in May this year and will go back to April next year. How can you miss what amounts to almost a mini ARBA Convention? I will be there! Wouldn't miss it!
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    New Title: In Indy

    And Nymphadota and I have seen one another a few since! Ozarkansas, the Chewzits are best seen in person anyway. Try to come early on, because I only have about 1400 made. It sounds like a lot, but Nymphadota will attest that they go fast!
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    Favorite Toys

    I make and sell a line of rabbit chew toys that are safe, affordable, long lasting, and LOVED by rabbits. I am on my phone, headed to the ARBA Convention in Indy, and have no pictures to post... but you can see this month's special offers at
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    New Title: In Indy

    I am coming, in fact we are on the road right now. I will have a booth for my Critterz Chewzit toys, so if any RT'ers want a convenient place to visit, stop on by!
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    Super fast, cheap, easy name tags

    I use blue painter's tape on my J-Feeders. I use long strips so that I can have the animal's DOB, ear tattoo, breeding dates, and any other pertinent info handy. The jar lids are a great idea, though! You could also get the type of can opener that "peels" the lids off of cans rather than...
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    How long before you can out a new bun on pasture?

    Another option is to put the rabbit in the run for a very short period of time and gradually let it spend longer time in the run. Make sure to feed the bun its normal ration of pellets and/or hay before doing so that it will not be ravenous and gorge on fresh greens. This is how we manage...
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    Aquisition: Rex

    Nice bun, Ramjet! Great width. Everyone needs rabbits. :twisted: I was actually in Bakersfield yesterday... the eclipse sure didn't cool things off much. :x I should be breeding another round of does shortly. Right now I am focusing on Otters and selfs in black, blue, chocolate...
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    Calling all mamas - I have a "what do you think" question...

    Bed bugs are not the end of the world, although they make you feel like you are the worst housekeeper ever. When bed bugs bite you, you usually try to brush them off in your sleep. This causes them to move an inch or so before resuming feeding, so you will have a bunch of bites near one...
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    How many bucks do you keep?

    I currently have 4 bucks and 26 does. I breed for show and the culls are used as meat. Certain lines (and individuals within those lines) cross better than others, so I like to have several options to choose from when breeding.
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    Thank you, everyone! I miss you all! Hopefully our financial situation will improve so that I can once again allot my creative juices to posting frequently on RT! For now, though, most of those efforts are geared toward cash production. :money: On my plate right now; an order of 10 bags of...
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    Raw Feeding of a Pack

    My dogs consider skinned and pieced out rabbit to be a delicacy. Most often they get only the heads, feet, and guts when we butcher. They sometimes also get whole intact rabbits. They eat them from the inside out, leaving the pelt (cased pelt, I kid you not!) for last. The fur does not...