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    Pet Pricing vs Purebred Pricing

    I think a lot of things come into play. Personally, I feel as if you get what you pay for. How much time have you put into your buns? Are they friendly? Working on potty training? Healthy? We've not been breeding rabbits long and are actually getting out of it. But for the short time we have...
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    Doe started attacking the only kit at 3.5 weeks

    Thank you for the responses. He's just over 4 weeks now and seems to be getting along well. I tried letting her see him again, but she wasn't having it. Luckily the only thing she'll do to me (so far) is lunge and scratch at me. So I was able to get him out of there with no injuries to either of...
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    Doe started attacking the only kit at 3.5 weeks

    She's ripping her fur out and chasing him around the cage. It's like a flip got switched. I tried putting him in again this morning, she licked his face for a bit. He didn't seem to mind and happily pounced on top of her food. He's a bit piggy from being the only surviving kit. I thought that...
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    Doe started attacking the only kit at 3.5 weeks

    The doe in question is rather aggressive and will be going to a pet home. She had two stillborn kits and one living. She had been doing pretty well with the single kit, checking on him often. I think it was around 2 weeks that he started coming out of the nesting box. He loves attention and will...
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    Chunky single kit

    I have a 3-week old kit that seems a bit off. The doe was a new mom and had a difficult pregnancy and birth. She's a smaller-sized lionhead, but the buck is even smaller than her. She had two stillborn and one living kit. He looked like a blueberry the first week. Or perhaps an engorged...
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    Doe had 3 kits 2 DOA. What now?

    I'm new to breeding lionhead rabbits. my 8mth old doe bred with a buck quite a bit smaller than her. Two kits came out DOA, looking stretched out and long. I found a third under some bedding and created a nest for it. Its much smaller than the other two where. But is active. She seems...