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Hi, I’m new to rabbit breeding but also have been sorta doing it for a decent few years now? The past year or two I’ve been doing everything myself, but prior to that my grandfather helped and handled most of the breeding. He has years and years experience, having had rabbits longer than I’ve been alive, and has a degree in veterinary medicine.

My first year wasn’t exactly the most successful, I didn’t get much done and had too cull four of my older proven breeders leaving me with one proven doe and two unproven does from my mutt line, no bucks, and my entire multi-generational practically a family heirloom line of New Zealands comepletely done for. But, since then I’ve purchased a few new New Zealand breeder rabbits and some Calis. My line of very indeterminate mutts (because I was making almost all the breeding decisions for them and as a young child my brain basically worked off ‘what rabbits would look cute?’. Nobody recorded down the family trees or breeds.) is doing well too, and I’ve purchased a young doe and buck who are similarly muttly (their father was a mislabeled pet store rabbit with BEW genes, lop ears, lionhead fur, and Hotot markings but with what seems to have been agouti. And I have absolutely zero clue about the mother) and the buck so far has given me a decent few kits including a gorgeous little Otter Tort with partial veinna who’s getting held back for breeding. (Actually one the two kits featured in the pic for my avatar)
April 9
Meigs County, OH