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    Poop poopy do?

    Absolutely! It's the best :)
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    Confused About No Kits

    When we bred Holland Lops (another dwarf breed) we had the hardest time getting babies...I was told it went with the dwarf breeds...I found out it was true. We have since switched breeds, but a couple helpful cider vinegar in their water (mix 2 Tbsp with a gallon of water) can help...
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    90 plus degrees

    We also freeze gatorade bottles for summer time and use fans. Make sure they have plenty of water at all times as well! :)
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    How do I get into showing?

    A good way to start, is by going to the ARBA website and seeing if there is a show near you. Attend the show and start talking to people. Observe and have fun! In my opinion, rabbit people are some of the kindest and helpful people I have had the pleasure to meet. Most of them are very willing...
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    Hello from Oregon

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. We are located in NW Oregon and are currently breeding and showing (hopefully shows will start up again soon!) Mini Lops and Mini Rex rabbits. With the occassionaly Holland Lop litter... :) Back in the early 2000's I was raising and showing Mini...