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IMG 0064

IMG 0064

Here is the BunnyBarn my wonderful Husband built for me. We put it between two existing sheds- I removed the center pavers from the patio and put a layer of gravel over the existing sand.

The green end panels are lightweight and easily removed by two people to provide more ventilation in hot weat
Cool I like your Bunny Barn the only think I'm wondering about is if your using wood won't it trap parasites or do you have to keep dusting it with 7 dust or something like that. I know what you mean by them getting trapped I had the same problem so I made them all one level that I can do for now but will have to double stack them again soon so I'm trying to think of something new then what I had.... I really like your Barn though. Seems like they would get alot of ventilation too!!!

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