I thought it might be a good idea to show people different ways of housing their rabbits.   Where possible I chosen links where there are actually pictures involved.  Much easier to get ideas from seeing things rather than just reading about them.   As I find additional resources I will add them as well.

Was directed to this site this morning from a post at the MeatRabbits site.    It’s a wire cage that is hung on a PVC frame and using a plastic sheet to catch the droppings.

Neat Idea Cubes, and C & C cages are basically the same thing.  They are made using office cubes (the wire ones) and some sort of base..often Coroplast.  Here are some links to ideas for building them

Set up an exercise pen – you need a cover for this pen depending upon the rabbit.  Some rabbits LIKE to jump and clearing an exercise pen may not be an issue for them.   Mind..I use exercise pens to run my bucks on the lawn in the summer and they never dig or jump out.  They just munch on grass, hop around and observe the world (sometimes through closed eyes).  :)

A room devoted to bunnies is a possibility as well

Building a hutch for them

Various Ideas on one page

Of course there is always the option of letting your bunny be a free range rabbit in your house.  IF you do that… watch your bunny for chewing on things he aught not chew on.

Please feel free to send me your link to your home made rabbit housing solution.  I’d be happy to post it. :)