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Our car, a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis, started having some driving issues a few months back.  Something felt a little rough to Shay sometimes, and we couldn’t figure it out.  It got worse, and finally I could feel it, too.  The alignment went off, with the car wanting to yank to the right.  It got to where it felt like we were always driving on a coarse gravel surface.  Then, suddenly, we started burning through gas like a Hummer.

Finally, Shay impressed upon me that I had to take the car in to the mechanic.  Since I was in the middle of my Giant Autumn Allergy Attack, I had been putting it off.  But I could put it off no longer.  I made an appointment with our mechanic, actually a homeschooling family about 45 minutes away.  It’s a bit of a drive, but I like them, and I know they are honest.  I was afraid that if I went anywhere else, I would be told that I needed a new suspension, a $700+ expense.  We couldn’t afford that right now, and I didn’t think the problem was the suspension, anyway.

Well, there is one other mechanic close by that I believe I can trust.  He’s highly recommended, and I took the car there once.  It’s only about a 10 minute drive.  We took all our schoolbooks and homeschooled in the waiting room, a comfortable room behind the front desk.  At one point, a woman came in, very agitated, and began yelling at the proprietor, accusing him of intentionally harming her car.  He was highly offended that she would impugn his character like this.  She continued to fly into an ever greater rage, finally threatening to kill him.  Meanwhile, I was looking all over that waiting room for a way to get out, but there was none.  The only way out was past this woman.

Once she was gone, the proprietor came back into the waiting room and was very apologetic.  I felt very sorry for him, but I couldn’t take my family back there again.  We learned that one of the families in our homeschool group had a garage started by their father, and we started going there.  We just make a day of it, and take all the schoolbooks with us.

Anyway, the Lord granted me a reprieve from my allergies that day, and we drove up to the garage.

Only minutes after we arrived, before we had even finished the breakfast we had brought with us, one of the brothers came in and told me that we absolutely needed two new tires.  This made me nervous, since I didn’t know what other issues they might find (I knew they would have to do an alignment, but was something else causing the car to drive like a metal-wheeled tractor?), and we had just gotten there!  Oh, well, the tires had to be done.

As it turned out, the tires were the problem.

I just about fainted dead away when I saw the condition of the tires! I don't recall ever having worn down to the steel belts before! Talk about an accident waiting to happen -- both of these tires were just waiting to go BLOOOOOEY on the highway!

Two new tires, an alignment, and an overdue oil change, and we were done.  The car rides like a dream now, like it’s floating on air, like it used to.  And we have our great gas mileage back, too.

Thank you, Father, for holding those tires together and protecting us all that time! :)