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The Best Plastic Wrap in the WORLD!


In general, I hate plastic wrap.  It’s a somewhat necessary evil.  I don’t use it unless I have to.  Why?  It tears wrong, then it sticks to itself like crazy, rendering itself practically useless unless you can employ another person to help you peel it apart so you can use it.  Then you put it on whatever you need to put it on, and its desire to stick to anything else or to itself is completely gone.  You end up with a loose mess of plastic barely blanketing your food.

Then I went to Bible college.  (Yeah, that’s got a lot to do with plastic wrap, right? :D )

I, like many other students, had a roommate who worked strange hours off campus.  We would put together plates of food in the cafeteria for those who missed dinner because of work.  I would make up a plate for my roommate (or maybe she ate elsewhere, and I made up a plate for someone else?  I can’t remember any more.  It’s been 20 years!), and the final step was to cover the plate in plastic wrap.

After doing this several times, I noticed how consistently well-behaved this plastic wrap was.  Now, granted, it was a little easier to use just because it was an industrial-sized roll which may have been on a permanently mounted stand (or maybe it was just heavy and stayed put), which meant you didn’t have to hold it with one hand and cover the plate with the other.  It pulled against you, which was a big help.  But the method of dispensing was not the only reason this stuff was better.

This plastic wrap didn’t really, REALLY stick to itself until you stuck it on something and pressed.  Sure, it would do some of the usual static-cling stuff, but it was easy to get it straightened out again — by yourself!  And then it actually stuck to the plate (which was stoneware, so that certainly helped) and stuck to itself, giving you a nice, tight film and seal.  I’ve found since then that it clings to pretty much anything, including most plastic, at least well enough to keep the thing covered… unlike any other wrap I’ve tried.

Every time I went to get a plate for someone, I would remind myself of the brand so I could make sure and buy it faithfully for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, availability isn’t as good as it is for some of the other major brands.  This is NOT Saran Wrap, and NOT Glad Wrap.  I despise both equally.  This is none other than… (drum roll, please)… Reynolds plastic wrap.

It's Reynolds or nothing! If at all possible, anyway.

Unfortunately for me and plenty of other people I discovered by doing a search on “reynolds plastic wrap”, it has followed the trend of many other things that I’ve discovered and liked — things I actually would be brand-loyal for and get nothing else!  It’s been discontinued due to low demand.  That picture up there is one of the last rolls I snapped up in a dollar store once the other stores quit carrying it.


I’ve been using other brands with no satisfaction, until I discovered two more rolls of Reynolds I had bought and stashed.

However, thank goodness, Reynolds plastic wrap is popular with professional kitchens!  So while I may not be able to find it any longer in my local grocery store, I can buy it at Amazon or a number of other places online.  And, if I had a Sam’s Club membership, I could buy it there as well.  Most of it is called “Reynolds Foodservice Wrap”.  It comes in 1000 foot rolls with a couple of different kinds of cutters.

I can’t believe I’m considering ordering PLASTIC WRAP online!  But I almost certainly will, once I do the math.  Because I bet it’s a better price even with shipping than I was buying it in the store.  Let’s see… ~$2.50 for 12″x50′… $22 for 12″x1000′… why, yes, even with shipping, it’s less than half the price I used to pay for the other!  Awesome!

Some people say that Sam’s Choice (Wal-Mart) or Stretch-Tite are about as good… I may try them, but with that price for the wrap I really like… why?  :D