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  1. Kelley Putman says:

    I found the photos of your white/beige rain barrels online, but cannot find a manufacturer/brand for them. I live in Iowa. On my property the rain barrels will be installed on the street side of a garage close to a sidewalk in a semi-dense suburban neighborhood, so appearance is a priority along with all of the benefits of water conservation. Where did you get yours? Thanks.

    • Miss M says:

      I actually got mine at a municipal sale, in which the city sold rain barrels and compost bins for about $40 – $50 each, to however many people showed up that Saturday.

      These barrels are pretty plain, just basic off-white rectangular things, but there are some very attractive ones out there. Whole Foods and Home Depot and places like those carry nicer ones that are terra-cotta colored, and some are even shaped like urns. They do cost more, but with appearances being a priority, it might be worth it to you.

      The disadvantage of a municipal sale (besides the very plain merchandise) is that it is held only one or two days per year. You can do a search for “*your town* municipal rain barrel sale” to find out if you have a local sale, when it might be, and the cost of the items offered.

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