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How to get noticed by a giant. ;)

I’ve read select articles and columns on WorldNetDaily for years now.  And for several of those years, I’ve looked forward to the commentary articles by a lady named Patrice Lewis.  I love her writing.  The straight truth in conversational style, the sometimes wry humor, the personal stories.

One day in one of her articles, she let slip that she had a blog, and provided a link to it.  She has a BLOG?!?  I must go visit!!  At that time, it had a different name, I think.  Something about a front porch.  Anyway, I enjoyed the same conversational style and humor there, with more personal stories.  Eventually, she got her own domain, Rural Revolution, of which I have been an avid reader, and sometimes commenter.

Some while after starting my own blog, I spied the question, “Want to exchange links?” on her sidebar.  Well, of course, I’d love to exchange links.  But I’ve just got this little blog, and Rural Revolution, well… it’s HUGE in comparison!  How could I expect the author of such an Awesome and Humongous Blog (with Gazillions of Visitors) to exchange links with my tiny little dirt-floor hut on the internet?

I had visions of standing next to a very friendly but truly tall and intimidating giant, contemplating how to get its attention.  Shall I call out at the top of my lungs?  Hop up and down and wave my hands in the air?

Well…. turns out, all I had to do was ask.  I finally got up the gumption, and I was so nervous as I tapped out the email, I actually forgot to provide a link to my blog!  She emailed me to ask for it!  Hahahaaaa!

Rural Revolution... quite possibly my favorite blog, aside from that of my own beloved Shay.

I do hope you will visit her blog and enjoy it as much as I do!  I have learned so much about various aspects of self-sufficiency from Rural Revolution.  Sometimes, I just click on random tags in the left sidebar to read posts I’ve missed.

And if you’ve come here from Rural Revolution, welcome to my humble blog.  I hope you like it!

I and my family live with my uncle, in the city near the junction of two Interstates, on a 1/2-acre lot in a very ritzy neighborhood (my grandparents bought wisely long ago).  We have struggled with raising vegetables and fruit trees on land that holds water, and with quietly raising meat rabbits in a neighborhood that most likely would not approve.  With my uncle about to get married, we are about to realize our dream of moving back to the country.