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Blog move coming soon!

Part of the reason it’s been a bit since I posted is that I have been doing some research.  Research on blog moving options.

As part of a forum, the RabbitTalk blogs are very much in a security lockdown.  They present a vulnerability to the forum that doesn’t exist with a regular blog hosted elsewhere, and linked in your forum signature.

When I started this blog, I strained against the restrictions placed on it.  Once I understood why they were there, I settled down.  Our amazing webmaster told me that if I ever outgrew the setup, he’d be happy to help me move it.

Outgrow?  Move?  Nah, this is safe.  I’ll stay here.

Well, okay, I’ve outgrown it.  I want to stretch my wings.  I want to fly.  I want a live updating blogroll that’s easier to deal with.  I want an editable theme.  I want… lots of things!

So I’m going to be moving soon.  When it happens, I will post my new address.  Don’t worry, MidnightCoder has offered me a redirect, so you can still come here, and you’ll be taken there.  :)

Please bear with me!


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2 Responses to “Blog move coming soon!”

  1. annette says:

    so, have you found a new home for your blog yet?

    • Miss M says:

      Hi, Annette! I’m not sure why you got sent to the moderation queue. And… I obviously hadn’t cleaned out the queue recently. I saw it was just a bunch of spam, and I missed your comment in the middle of it all. :(

      Anyway, I have a new home lined up… MC will actually be hosting it, and I’ll be purchasing a domain. Now I just have to decide what to call it, but I’ve got a short list, and should have that done in the next day or two.

      MC will be helping me migrate over to the new domain once it’s set up. :)