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I’m back!!! The move is done!

I certainly intended at first to continue posting all while we were improving the land, setting the home on it, building outbuildings, moving in, and all that.  Within reason, of course, since there was a period of time during which we had no internet access.

As it turned out, the craziness increased exponentially the closer we got to moving.  We were hardly ever home (at my uncle’s house).  When we were, we were either packing like mad, or exhausted.

We moved on September 6th.  Like I said, we had no internet access for a while.  Even once we got it a few weeks ago, I did not have much time to devote to posting.

Now that I’m back, I want to bring you through the rest of the process we have been through.  My next post will be a response to a post over at a blog I love, and, after that, I will pick up where I left off… after the bushhogging, the delivery of the container, the delivery of the home to the dealer, and all that.  I don’t want to skip all the adventures and misadventures we’ve had along the way.

I will be working to post frequently, so I can pull you up to present-day happenings as quickly as possible.  :)


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