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Random pix…

Here are some pictures I’ve taken, but hadn’t gotten them into posts yet.  So here they are!

The kids alerted me one day to a baby blue jay inside the rabbitry. No idea how he got inside the screen, but he was trying very hard to get out through it. I figured he was probably trying to get to where he was supposed to be.

I picked up the wayward little bird and looked him over for injuries. Then, we looked under the edge of the fig tree, right next to where he was in the rabbitry. Sure enough, there was his brother, patiently waiting for Mom to come back with some munchies. I placed the baby close to his brother, but he was scared and promptly hopped back out. So I caught him and put him under there again, and he stayed.

The Near East crepe myrtle right outside the rabbitry. These are my favorite crepe myrtles, because their blooms are big and loose, rather than tight clusters. The color is light pink.

This is a pitcher and basin inside a 200+ year old house on the grounds of the museum for which we volunteer. This shot was not planned or set up. I walked into the house, and the sun was peeking through the corner of the window and falling on the table, illuminating the pitcher and basin. I pulled out my LG enV3 cellphone and took the picture.

ILoveBunnies, tending the fire in the open hearth, as she helps cook in the mid-1800s detached kitchen at the museum.

A scruffy-looking broken red baby bunny, exploring the patio table.

Bunny-Wan Kenobi holds the one and only broken black we've ever had.

A stained-glass window at a church we visited.

A bird's nest we removed from the screen over the garden.

NOT TO BE SOLD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES... but it can be yours for 99 cents at a local thrift store!

We are all doing well since the accident.  Thank you all so much for your prayers!  I and my mom had a little soreness, the kids had none at all.  We sold the car to a scrapper, because it didn’t have collision coverage.

Today, we bought a 2000 Mercury Villager Sport.  It has good pick-up, and handles right well.  With room for 7, it should handle the 5 of us plus lots of groceries or whatever.  We really needed a minivan, but hadn’t planned to go about getting one quite this way!



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2 Responses to “Random pix…”

  1. stacy says:

    God does always pulls us through. You sure do a good job with your pictures.

    • Miss M says:

      Yes, He does! God has been so good to us. It’s just amazing how He’s taken care of us through all this.

      Thank you. :)