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How to get noticed by a giant. ;)

I’ve read select articles and columns on WorldNetDaily for years now.  And for several of those years, I’ve looked forward to the commentary articles by a lady named Patrice Lewis.  I love her writing.  The straight truth in conversational style, the sometimes wry humor, the personal stories.

One day in one of her articles, she let slip that she had a blog, and provided a link to it.  She has a BLOG?!?  I must go visit!!  At that time, it had a different name, I think.  Something about a front porch.  Anyway, I enjoyed the same conversational style and humor there, with more personal stories.  Eventually, she got her own domain, Rural Revolution, of which I have been an avid reader, and sometimes commenter.

Some while after starting my own blog, I spied the question, “Want to exchange links?” on her sidebar.  Well, of course, I’d love to exchange links.  But I’ve just got this little blog, and Rural Revolution, well… it’s HUGE in comparison!  How could I expect the author of such an Awesome and Humongous Blog (with Gazillions of Visitors) to exchange links with my tiny little dirt-floor hut on the internet?

I had visions of standing next to a very friendly but truly tall and intimidating giant, contemplating how to get its attention.  Shall I call out at the top of my lungs?  Hop up and down and wave my hands in the air?

Well…. turns out, all I had to do was ask.  I finally got up the gumption, and I was so nervous as I tapped out the email, I actually forgot to provide a link to my blog!  She emailed me to ask for it!  Hahahaaaa!

Rural Revolution... quite possibly my favorite blog, aside from that of my own beloved Shay.

I do hope you will visit her blog and enjoy it as much as I do!  I have learned so much about various aspects of self-sufficiency from Rural Revolution.  Sometimes, I just click on random tags in the left sidebar to read posts I’ve missed.

And if you’ve come here from Rural Revolution, welcome to my humble blog.  I hope you like it!

I and my family live with my uncle, in the city near the junction of two Interstates, on a 1/2-acre lot in a very ritzy neighborhood (my grandparents bought wisely long ago).  We have struggled with raising vegetables and fruit trees on land that holds water, and with quietly raising meat rabbits in a neighborhood that most likely would not approve.  With my uncle about to get married, we are about to realize our dream of moving back to the country.


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8 Responses to “How to get noticed by a giant. ;)”

  1. read this says:

    Fantastic website. A lot of helpful info here.
    I am sending it to some pals ans also sharing in delicious.

    And naturally, thank you for your effort!

  2. mountainrabbits says:

    How is the property negotiations coming? Are you guys anywhere close to moving? I live with my husband, our children, my parents and teenage sister in a town myself and really want to be more self sustainable while we are here and move to the country when we can so I love reading your blog!

    • Miss M says:

      Hi Marah, and thank you so much! :)

      In fact, we close on the land Friday!!! We are so excited! Then Saturday, we go to order the double-wide that we’ll be putting on it. We should be moving in 4 – 5 weeks… which is really great, and really scary at the same time!

  3. ladysown says:

    what is a double wide???

    • Miss M says:

      A double-wide is a type of manufactured home (mobile home). A single-wide would be the typical mobile home, usually these days 14 or 16 feet wide, and varying lengths. It is built on a large steel girder chassis, and can be towed by a truck.

      Unlike mobile homes in the past, once it reaches its destination, the “tongue” (the part they use to tow it) is removed along with the wheels. The home can be put on a couple of types of foundations, from pilings to concrete pad. I even heard of one that had a basement.

      A double-wide is built on two separate chassis, and then joined together on site. A triple-wide is on three chassis, usually not all the same length. They tend to look more like a traditional home.

      Manufactured homes are built in factories. These days, they are highly customizable. Ours is being made by Buccaneer: http://www.buccaneerhomebuilders.net/

      One of the advantages of mobile homes is that they are less expensive than a stick-built home, even if you upgrade the structure of it to that of a stick-built home. Loans for them can also often be obtained when the buyer doesn’t have very good credit.

      The double-wide we are getting has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, both a living room and a den, and also a study. It is 2280 square feet. The kids will have separate rooms for the first time, and Mom will have her own room. The den will be the school room and library. The study will be Shay’s train room. I wanted to make sure he had a train room, because his trains have been very good to us.

  4. deb harvey says:

    hi. get cinder block gardening by gillespie from the library. our dirt is clay and we have started one small cinder block after reading the book. also you will age and having the edge of the blocks to sit on is nice. also saves your back.
    deb harvey

    • Miss M says:

      I will definitely have to look it once we’ve moved. We built a raised bed garden with sand in the bottom for drainage, but we thankfully won’t need to go that route on our new land. I still want garden beds, though… much easier to deal with than rows.

  5. Holly says:

    Nice post which And for several of those years, I’ve looked forward to the commentary articles by a lady named Patrice Lewis. I love her writing. The straight truth in conversational style, the sometimes wry humor, the personal stories. Thanks a lot for posting.