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We are landowners!

Remember in my last post I spoke of the line in the sand Shay drew?  Well, the bank stuck to their guns.  They insisted on $500 more in deposit than we were willing to pay.  We know we have plenty of expenses coming that will not be financed!  Shay walked away.

And we’re so glad he did!

Since they were dragging their feet, we kept looking.  Finally, Mom called a cousin of hers, who told her about a realtor friend of his who was selling land that had been partitioned for something of a rural neighborhood.  The realtor sent us the plat, and we found the land on the satellite maps as well.  The smallest tract was two acres, and it was only partially wooded, while the rest of them were completely wooded.  Partially wooded is what we want, and two acres is about what we want.

We set up an appointment last Saturday to go see the tract we were interested in, and fell in love with it from the start.

The front is densely wooded with pines and deciduous trees. Behind that is an old driveway, part of which is still used by the properties to our west, since they are divided a little differently. Then there's another narrow but dense stand of trees, and then another strip that's mostly clear. Then there's a grove of pines, and then a clearing, which is bigger than it looks. Finally, there's the angled back property line, bordered by trees and a fence. You can see Shay has marked the spot in the middle of the pines where we want to put our house.

We quickly withdrew our offer on the other property, before the bank could decide they’d accept our offer after all.  Then we made an offer on this property.  The realtor told us we could offer a deposit if we wanted to, but it probably wasn’t necessary because the price of the land wasn’t that high.  The next morning, our offer was accepted.  Not even countered… accepted!  Wow!

So there’s a purchase agreement in the mail to us, and we’re making plans like crazy.  We really hadn’t figured on buying raw land that we were going to have to bring all the utilities to, but we just could not pass it up.  The other property was in a rural area, but it’s also highly desirable, as more people are leaving the city to move to the country.  This drove the price of that land up.  This land, on the other hand, is in an area that is not seeing much development.  I’m sure it will eventually get out to us, but that’s going to be a while.  We are just about as slap in the middle of nowhere as we can get without being far away from family and Shay’s job.

“Town” is a crossroads, a post office, a restaurant, and an auto parts/hardware/convenience/gas station/notary.  I found that I can buy milk, eggs, bread, and other necessities there if I need to, and it’s only a few miles away.   A few miles more (in a slightly larger town) is a small grocery store, a small hospital with a heliport, and a few other things.  About 20 minutes in the other direction is another hospital in a larger town, which is about a half-hour away from the city.

Mom and ILoveBunnies walking toward the back of the property.

We had come out on this particular day to see how the land had drained after a serious storm the previous day. It had drained beautifully, but another storm unexpectedly popped up while we were there, and we had to race it back to the car!

The old driveway, which has become a small drainage ditch.

The back clearing is filling up with young pines that will be bush-hogged shortly. Our gardens will eventually go there. We might keep that little maple in the middle, though, especially since it isn't as far into the clearing as it appears in this picture.

The sellers are trying to keep this a rural setting, so the tracts are all at least 2 acres, and most are three or more.  We asked about restrictions on animals, and there are none.  They want people to have chickens, horses, cows, whatever.  About half of the tracts are sold, but only a few have been developed so far.

One of our neighbors has chickens, complete with rooster, and a couple of large vegetable gardens.  The back neighbor has, at the very least, chickens with a rooster, as well as horses. We’ll be having chickens, goats, and (of course) rabbits.  Several of the people around have very large vegetable gardens, and we will be having those as well.

We plan to clear the brush out of the front woods eventually, but otherwise leave it intact.

It will be more work, but it’s the good kind of work.  It’s the kind of work in which you are carving a life for your family out of the landscape.  We used to live out in the country, and we’ve longed to get back there.  We finally are.

We are so grateful for the lovingkindness of our Lord in taking care of us and bringing to us a place we can move.  Needless to say, there is so much to do, and this is such a big commitment, it can get us (especially Shay) a bit anxious, but we’re just trying to leave that in God’s hands.  As Shay said, God’s favor toward us would not be any less if we lived in some of the subsidized housing he inspects, than it is in bringing us out into this beautiful land.

I know where I can find ILoveBunnies if I’m having trouble locating her.  She’ll be at the back fence, watching horses.



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10 Responses to “We are landowners!”

  1. random rabbit says:

    Fantastic !!!

    Love the comment You made…”it will be more work, but it’s the good kind of work.” That is exactly how we feel about our little homestead.

    May the blessings continue !

  2. Shannon says:

    So happy for you! What a blessing and I know that you will love having all that space to do what you want!

    • Miss M says:

      Thanks, Shannon! We are really looking forward to seeing what all we can do on it!

  3. 3mina says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful opportunity, I’m a touch jealous but only in a good way :-) Its so great when things work

    • Miss M says:

      Thank you, 3mina! I have to confess to a touch of jealousy in the past (like you, in a good way… not “Why does she get to have that and not me?”, more like “Wow, I’m so happy for you! I’d love to be able to do the same someday!”).

      I hope the same blessings will befall you some day!!! :D

  4. ladysown says:

    woot woot!!! isn’t God good? :) Very cool.

    • Miss M says:

      God is good! :D

      We used to live in the country, in a nice single-wide on a 1/4-acre rented lot, with our home snuggled up in the pines. We made some bad decisions financially, and they caught up with us eventually. We didn’t wait for bankruptcy or anything like that, though, and we sold our home and moved down to Florida. ILoveBunnies was 18 months old at the time. My parents let us start fresh in their home, and then we moved into an apartment that went with Shay’s job.

      Then we moved again, as Shay got a better job, and an apartment came with that, as well. But our home was always tied to his job (if he had been fired, we would have had one week to move), and his bosses were capricious. I can’t tell you how many times we packed and unpacked, thinking he was on the verge of being fired, and then maybe not. It’s really hard to live under that.

      Things started getting downright strange, with the regional manager going off on Shay and his helper for no reason. Shay took his two weeks’ vacation, and turned in his notice when he returned to work.

      Then we moved here, at my uncle’s invitation. We are so grateful for the chance to live here, and to spend time with him. And our home is not tied to Shay’s job.

      Now we will be getting back to our little house in the country, only even better this time. More land, and the land will be ours. No restrictions, two children, and my mother. Lots of plans and ambitions, and the freedom to carry them out.

      We are so blessed, and I am so humbled. God is good.

  5. curlysue says:

    Congratulations!nice place enjoy.