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I may need a new tagline…

We moved in here with my uncle right about two years ago, soon after my grandmother passed away. He had extended the invitation several times, and we finally took him up on it. He said we could stay indefinitely.

I have always loved this house; it’s the house my grandparents bought 42 years ago when this was a very nice neighborhood, but not the super-expensive neighborhood it is now. I spent my summers here growing up. Living in this house was always a dream of mine, and I got to do it for the last two years.

My uncle started looking for a wife several months ago, and it looks like he’s probably found the one. Honestly, I’ve expected them to get married ever since their first date.  From the time he started looking, we’ve figured we’d probably be moving if he found someone, since there probably aren’t too many women out there these days who are interested in living in a situation like this.  We were right; she’s not, and that’s okay with us.  There’s no bitterness or resentment on our part.  He was married once long ago, and we’ve hoped for years he would find a lady to love and spend the rest of his life with again.

Rather than give my uncle the awkward task of approaching us after saying we could stay indefinitely, we made the decision to move on our own.  My uncle just had knee surgery two weeks ago, and then had complications, so we waited for him to get a bit better before telling him.

So we’re moving. When and where depends largely on Shay’s job, because there’s a merger afoot in his company. We used to be peons, and peons rarely lost their jobs, because they were always needed. It was management that got ditched, as the two companies consolidated. This time, Shay’s management. We should know sometime over the next few weeks.

If he keeps his job, we’ll move somewhat close by, but we’ll make every effort to move to a rural area, where we can stretch our wings and keep livestock without worrying about the neighbors.

If he loses his job, all bets are off, but we do thankfully still have options. :)

Right now, all we can do is go through our stuff, pack, and wait.

But if we go rural, then we’ll no longer be “City-fied Self-Sufficiency”, will we?


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4 Responses to “I may need a new tagline…”

  1. ladysown says:

    i hope wherever you move to it’s a place that suits you in all areas of life. Spiritual, physical, and mental. May it be what your family needs.

    • Miss M says:

      Thank you, Ladysown! :) I do confess we are weary of moving, and really hope this move is to a place that is really ours, where we can stay.

  2. 3mina says:

    I can completely relate, we’ve moved too many times for comfort. The one coming up is hopefully the last for a good long while, especially since we’d have lots more critters to move

    • Miss M says:

      Sorry to hear you’re in a similar situation, 3mina! I hope you can park wherever you’re going for a very long time! :)