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Archive for January, 2012

The sale started this morning, and Tattler has already increased the number of sets they were offering several times, because a sale they were expecting to last 3 days lasted about 3 hours!

The sale is for a custom bulk package that includes:

100 regular lids and rings
100 wide mouth lids and rings

It’s at http://markdown.com/

A $142.95 value for $85.75.

Hurry, though… I don’t know if they will increase it again, and what they are offering is already over half-gone!

Poor, confused things…

Winter here is basically a series of cold snaps.  In between the snaps, it can warm up quite a bit — we will occasionally have 80s for Christmas.  Nobody likes that, unless it’s supposed to be hot at Christmas, like in Australia.

Not here… I live in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s supposed to be cold right now.  But when your climate is subtropical, well, you get days like today.  It’s in the 70s.  At least it’s not the 80s.  Don’t get me wrong… 70s are very, very nice, but I hate to think what my kids might be willing to do for a day of snow!  The last time they saw snow, Bunny-Wan Kenobi was two (he’s ten now), and we were in Maryland for a funeral.

So anyway, because of our winters, the plants get somewhat confused sometimes.  We’ll get a good cold snap, it’ll be cold for a few days, and then it warms up.  Another cold snap, then another warm-up.  We’ll have freezing temps sometimes, the occasional hard freeze that prompts us to leave the faucets dripping, and days in the 40s and 50s.  Then, back to the upper 60s, 70s, and sometimes 80s.

When we have a somewhat extended warmer period, some of the plants decide, “Oh, it’s spring!  Time to bloom and put out leaves!”

Poor, confused double red ruffle azalea! It's in for a surprise next week!

The Japanese magnolias are blooming (my mom calls them tulip trees).  They shouldn’t come out until late February or maybe March.

One winter, when I was a kid, the azalea hedge in the front yard of our house bloomed seven times.  SEVEN TIMES!!!  It would bloom, and then all the blooms would get killed off by a freeze.  Then it would bloom… over and over.  When spring finally did arrive, they didn’t bloom.  They were worn out!  Either that, or they had decided they weren’t going to be fooled any more.

Making do when you run out of rabbit food

I do try to make sure I’ve got rabbit pellets on hand.  They may not be the best, but I feed Purina Complete pellets, and I buy it in 50-lb. bags, usually two at a time.  As far as I’ve been able to see, they’re the closest feed store to me — I don’t count places like Petsmart, which tend to have pretty junky rabbit food that contains a good amount of corn (think about your kids dumping a half a cup of sugar on their cereal in the morning).

Now and then, though, I just don’t get there before I run out.  This is rare, but it does happen.  The store is about a half-hour away… not unreasonable, but sometimes, I just can’t make it.  Such was the case last week, when I called to make sure they had rabbit food in stock before going.  They did, but they were closing, because it was New Year’s weekend.  Okay!

I almost made it.  If something unexpected hadn’t come up Monday, I’d have made it.  But I didn’t, so, when I went to feed the bunnies Monday night, I had to improvise.

A mixture of plain rolled oats (old fashioned, regular kitchen oatmeal) and white winter wheat berries.

It isn’t hard to make do, actually.  Rabbits can eat lots of things we can.  The wheat I had bought at Whole Foods for just such an emergency, at $.99/lb.  For sure, this is more expensive than bunny pellets, but I don’t have a lot of rabbits, and this is just for getting by.  I had the oatmeal on hand, so I just mixed some up and put it out in the feeders.

Some rabbits welcome a change now and then, and others don’t.  Fluffy and Nibbles weren’t interested in what I offered, and scratched all the food out of the feeder in search of pellets.  All the others ate it, though.

Other times, I have given them BOSS (black oil sunflower seeds), or even birdseed.  Birdseed is nothing but a mixture of grains and other seeds.  Birdseed and BOSS are both very nutritious.

Tuesday, I made it to the feed store, and everybunny’s happy again.