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Battening down the hutches

Well, I was hoping we’d get our last meat litter of the year butchered today.  Then, I realized that the temperatures were finally going to drop enough to warrant enclosing the rabbitry.  50s during the day and 30s at night all this coming week.  So, after Bible study and a nice rest, we grabbed the visqueen and got to it.

Last year, Shay tried just stapling the visqueen up, but the breezes started pulling it off pretty quickly. We started pulling the staples out of leftover lattice, which he then nailed over the edges of the plastic. This year, we ran over to Home Depot for another, easier option.

This year, the visqueen is held in place by plastic-capped roofing nails. This should work out well, but we'll be keeping our eyes on it.

We did have enough daylight left to butcher the meat litter, but….. it started raining again.  Oh, well.  Next couple of weeks, maybe…


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5 Responses to “Battening down the hutches”

  1. ladysown says:

    why don’t you just run a tarp around it??? Wouldn’t that be easier…and vent better than plastic?

    • Miss M says:

      Well, the only tarps I have are the cheaper plastic ones, and no extra money right now to buy fabric tarps. The visqueen lets light in very nicely, too.

      You can’t see it so well in the pics, but there is significant open space between the walls and roof of the rabbitry, so lots of ventilation there, and there is also space between the walls and the ground (the larger spaces we have loosely filled with bricks, to keep startled rabbits from escaping).

      Maybe someday I’ll install a tarp on it, but my uncle already had the visqueen, and the nails were cheap. :)

  2. ladysown says:

    COOL. I figured there would be a reason. :) Glad to know you have good ventilation. :)

  3. You do this evey year? Where are the Xmas lights, lol