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Archive for September, 2011

Goodbye, Yuri!

I try to keep a pretty open mind about people commenting on my blog.  If they make it past the excellent spam blocker (which has nearly 500 kills on my blog so far, and I never even have to look at them), I take a careful, measured look before I mark a comment as spam.

For instance, on one of my posts that had virtually no information, but was just me rambling about something, I got a comment about how my post had helped the commenter finish her paper for college.  Wow, what a good deed I did, writing that post!  Except… there was nothing in that post that would have helped anybody do anything, and she had helpfully included a link to some site that was selling something.  Ha ha ha… off to the spam folder it went.

I’ve gotten a couple of comments that have made no pretenses.  Just basically, “Get a loan at this link.”  Uh… no thanks, and I don’t want to pass on your link to others, either.  Off to the spam folder.

On a few others, I’ve gotten comments that have talked about the subject in the post, but the name links to some site selling something.  Okay, I look at these more carefully.  If it looks like it might be genuine, I’ll usually remove the link and post the comment.  Besides, if it was a spammer, this would probably really irritate the spammer, if they ever came back to look, and that’s fine with me.

Occasionally, one will link to a site that actually looks “real”, you know, like a real business that actually sells real products or services and has a guarantee and all that…  and, after looking into it some, I just might leave the link in there, if it was a decent comment, and I think the site looks useful.  This is purely subjective, and just because you think your link is useful doesn’t mean I will.

Yuri got his foot in the door on my Independence Day post by thanking me for the information I had provided (in broken English, but his IP was in the Philippines, and I had had a visit from the Philippines).  I wondered if he was a spammer, but there was no link.  So I kept an open mind, and approved his comment.

Of course, I have my comments set up so that once I approve a comment from you, your comments will be posted without moderation, and Yuri took advantage of this.

Today, a week or so later, he came back to the same post and thanked me again for the information I had given.  Only this time, he provided a link.  His comment went live immediately, because I had approved his earlier comment.

So now both of his comments are unapproved and in the spam folder, and he’s blacklisted a couple of different ways.  Along with the people who wanted me to take out loans.  So now I’ll never even have to look at his spam comments again, because the spam blocker will take care of them.  That’s so satisfying.

Sorry, Yuri!  Okay, I’m really not.  I don’t like spam.

A Day Late…

The tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001.

I was barely here yesterday.  We went to Bible study, came home, ate lunch, looked frantically for the sewing machine pedal, found said pedal, left for ILoveBunnies’ training session for the local Junior Docent program, went to the store, came home, had dinner, and did all the usual after-dinner stuff.

It is difficult to find the words to express my thoughts about September 11.

It was the day that should have brought us all back to the stuff that matters, the stuff that’s real.  God, family, neighbors, country.

Mostly, it has been used as a tool by the government to strangle its own people.

And the story of it has been rewritten to the point that a child reading about it these days would have no idea who perpetrated it or why.  The Religion Which Shall Remain Nameless has done an excellent job, arm in arm with our government, of stuffing propaganda down our throats to the point at which now we are comatose.  Telling us how peaceful it is, blah, blah, blah.

Never mind that their own “holy book” and the sayings of their “prophet” tell them to kill those who do not accept their religion.  Or that it is alright — even GOOD — to lie to people who do not accept their religion.  Or that they have been working tirelessly to establish their own law in their neighborhoods in this country and others (it’s worked, too — a US court is trying to force a man to settle a dispute with a group under their own law, even though the man wants it settled according to US law).  Or that it’s alright for girls to be wiped off the earth by their own family in the name of “honor” (and our media sits on the many cases in this country).

You won’t find a lot of this in their English translations, by the way.  The English translations of their writings are sanitized for American consumption, so we won’t be alarmed.  You find a lot of their intentions in their own tongue, translated by those who are trying to warn us.

Their goal is to subjugate us, if they can’t forcibly convert us.  Their beliefs are incompatible with our society, and our ancestors learned that when this country was only a couple of decades old.  But our founders are patted on the head and told they are old-fashioned and the government they created is insufficient to govern us today.

Multiculturalism has destroyed every country in history that has tried it.  We think we’re going to be the exception to the rule, just because we have good intentions?

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