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Family Visit

One reason I haven’t been posting the last couple of weeks is that we’re trying to get ready for my brother and his three kids.  My brother is a Marine… uh… he was a Gunnery Sergeant, but he just got promoted.  I think he’s a Master Sergeant now.  I wish I could get all that straight, with my husband, father, grandfather, and brother all having been in the military, you’d think I’d know the ranks.

Anyway, there’s so much going on!  We’re trying to get our stored food put away, since we’ve been storing a lot of it in the dining room.  We’ve been shopping for food we’re going to eat while they’re here, stuff my brother doesn’t get to eat unless he’s here. :)  And we’ve been shopping for swimsuits.

My brother wants to take everybody to a water park nearby.  Turns out ILoveBunnies is the only one here with a suit still.  Bunny-Wan Kenobi grew out of his, Shay, my uncle, and I didn’t have swimsuits, for various reasons.  My mom can’t go, because she just can’t be out in the heat that long anymore.

Since we no longer have constant access to a pool, and since I was already spending a pretty good bit of money on other preparations, I didn’t want to spend a lot on swimsuits.  So we went to the local Burlington Coat Factory and Kohl’s, which have lots of closeout clothes, to look for swimsuits.  So now we all have swimsuits, for about what I would have paid for one pair of swim trunks at regular retail.

Now I just have to modify mine.  I’m a modest person, but it is difficult to find a modest swimsuit that will fit me.  I’m petite, but I never lost the extra weight that came with having children.  But I’d have to order a petite, plus-size swimsuit, and that wouldn’t be cheap.  How often am I going to wear this thing?  It’ll probably dry rot!  I just need to make it through one day.

So I got a swimsuit for $25 that has low-cut legs, but a plunging neckline.  And then I visited the remnants table at our fabric store, and bought a quarter-yard of discontinued swimsuit fabric, and some ball-point needles (which I can return, since I found some!).

I’ve got some bias tape, that, at my mom’s recommendation (she’s the one that’s actually made clothes before — I do well for not knowing much, but I go to her for help), I will use several strips of to pull the two sides of the “V” together a little and support the inset.  So I’m making a panel to fit there, to bring that neckline up to a comfortable level.

Okay… time to get busy…


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4 Responses to “Family Visit”

  1. teamhillbilly says:

    Hummm nice looking blog congrats

  2. ladysown says:

    how did the swimsuit turn out? pics???? Did you have fun with your bro visiting or hasn’t he come yet?

    • Miss M says:

      Yeah, I’ll have to take pics tomorrow. It came out great! I gathered the sides so that the bias tape wouldn’t show and so that if I made a mistake (since I’d never sewn swimsuit fabric before!), it wouldn’t be obvious.

      I didn’t fold the fabric back over and finish the seams inside, because I didn’t have time. But the suit survived a day at the waterpark with no trouble at all!

      My brother just left this morning, so I just got back on. What a whirlwind week! LOL