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Archive for April, 2011

Everything around here has been so gloriously pretty, that I’ve got to share!  So I’m devoting this post to bunches of pictures of the flowers that are blooming around our yard, as well as a couple of other plants that we have in pots on the patio.

A fushia, almost red, bougainvillea with variegated leaves. It's actually lost some of its blooms (which are actually brachts, with the tiny blooms inside) at this point! It was nearly solid last week.

A "Thai Delight" bougainvillea. Soooo pretty. I haven't yet determined if it is the age of the flower that slowly darkens it, or the exposure to the sun. Probably some of both. All the bougainvilleas we have had slowly darken their flowers as they age. But I saw one of these at a store, much larger, and the flowers at the top had a much more vibrant pink than the ones underneath, so I think sun exposure affects it as well.

A copper bougainvillea. It's flowers slowly turn an aged rose color before they drop. But I love the copper color best!

Herbs! Specifically, basil. All three of them. Sweet basil is on the left, because it is quite aggressive and will take over everything if it isn't by itself. The right-hand pot contains Dark Opal basil, which is a beautiful purple color, and Greek basil, which has tiny leaves and smells absolutely DIVINE! Sweet basil was my favorite, until I found the Greek basil. I picked it up, not even knowing it was basil, and the scent of it wafted across my nose. I was sold right then and there! There was no way I was going home without that basil. Hopefully, it and the Dark Opal will play nice.

A "Tumbling Tom" trailing cherry tomato. It will eventually probably need to be hung. Yes! With all the tomatoes in our garden, I have more on the patio! Did I mention we love tomatoes?

Yet another tomato, a "Patio" bush tomato.

A "New Gold" lantana. Soon, this will be covered with these super-bright yellow flowers!

A butterfly enjoying the lantana.

This is ILoveBunnies' pot of lantana. Usually "New Gold" is in both pots, but my uncle let her pick some for this pot. The orange and darker purple is "Radiation". The lighter purple and yellow lantana at bottom left is "Pink Bandana".

One of our pots of petunias. This one mixes white with white-throated pink (really, an intense salmon color).

Another variegated bougainvillea. It is actually the same color as the first one, but its flowers are more red than fushia now (they weren't at first). I'm guessing it's due to the fact that this one is in much stronger sunlight.

An azalea with salmon-colored blooms. This one is really past its prime, but you can still appreciate the color.

An azalea with purplish-pink blooms -- a very common, old, pretty color.

One of our two stands of English dogwood. These flowers are so pretty.

Indian hawthorn. This particular one is a volunteer. We have a couple of other ones that were planted, but this one just appeared. You can see the Virginia creeper in it. My uncle could not tend to the yard for the last couple of years, because of the level of care my grandmother needed. We are all working on taming the jungle now. We'll get to the Virginia creeper eventually.

Some begonias we just planted. My grandmother used to grow begonias, so I thought it would be nice to have some. "Dragonwing", the ones to the left, produces little, red, rose-shaped flowers. "Angelwing", on the right, produces slightly less red flowers that are shaped more like the older begonias, except that they look like Bleeding Hearts before they fully open. Personally, I think the smooth-edged plants on the left should be the "Angelwings", and the jagged-edged ones on the right should be "Dragonwings", but apparently the Powers That Be didn't think so when they named the plants.

Double Red Ruffles azalea. They are so dramatic and pretty! And so close to being a true red, too. :)

Purple Wave petunias (dark pink) and Blue Wave petunias (purple). I didn't name the colors. But they sure are pretty, and before long, they will have spilled over the side of the pot into a giant ball of bright color.

Another azalea with small, star-shaped flowers. The blooms range from nearly white to rich, rosey pink. You can see the dead wood in the blooms, more evidence of the neglect that the yard has had.

A large Baby's Breath bush, swallowing the lower half of a "Near East" Crepe Myrtle (obviously, the Baby's Breath needs a trim!). This bed has been taken over by wild blackberry bushes and volunteer trees. My uncle just cut down a lot of those trees, and drilled holes in the stumps and packed them with salt. Somewhere in this bed is my great-grandmother's rose bush. I wonder if it's still alive. I saw a bloom on it a few years ago, sticking up from behind a bunch of overgrown stuff. :)

I’ll have to take a picture of the Crepe Myrtles when they bloom.  This, the “Near East”, is my favorite cultivar.