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Aunt Nibbles

I was wondering how Nibbles and Fluffy were going to work things out once Fluffy had babies. Up until then, they’d have their spats now and then, like a pair of sisters, and then they’d be snuggled up together again. I think Nibbles tries to rearrange the pecking order occasionally, and Fluffy will patiently take her antics for a while, and then she will turn her hulking white figure around and remind Nibbles just how much bigger she is. Heehee!

But all sorts of things can happen when you have more than one doe in a cage or area, and one of them has a litter of popples. The new mother can get super defensive, and lash out at anyone who comes anywhere near (which, in a cage, would be anywhere in the cage!). I would have to remove Nibbles for her own safety.

Or the other doe (not the mother) could get jealous of the babies or feel threatened by them, and harm them. In this case, I would have to remove Nibbles for the safety of the babies.

But where to put Nibbles? I’m maxed out. I do have a kennel, but the spaces between the wires are too big. Cats, coons, etc. would be able to terrorize her, unless I put the kennel in the rabbitry. And I don’t have space for that.

So I left Nibbles in there, and watched.

Luckily, Fluffy kindled in the daytime, which isn’t terribly common among rabbits. So I was able to watch and see what would happen. When Fluffy was finished, she just lay down. Nibbles came and went, Nibbles got in with the kits to investigate, and no rise from Fluffy at all. And it has stayed that way.

In fact, Nibbles seems to be more concerned about and more protective of the babies than Fluffy is, like an overbearing aunt. Fluffy is laid back, “Hey, I feed them twice a day, they’re fine.”  Nibbles keeps looking in on them and worrying over them, and even gave me a warning bite once when I reached into the nest box to do a head count! (On the inside of my upper arm, too… OUCH!) Needless to say, I keep an eye on Nibbles when I’m messing with the babies. Pretty funny, since they’re not even her popples. But I’m very relieved to see that they are still okay to keep together, since I was worrying about cage space if they stopped getting along.

"Hey, Fluffy... are you sure you're feeding these guys enough? They're still so little!"


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