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Growing Bunnies in your Garden

Well, once we got our elevated garden bed built, it was time to plant.  So, what better to plant than rabbits! :)

It all started when the pest control people needed to come out and apply a new treatment they had for Formosan termites (Think regular termites are bad?  Look these critters up!).  I set this appointment up for a Monday, several weeks in advance, anticipating sending both litters of 6 to freezer camp the weekend right before.  As it happened, we spent that Saturday working on the elevated garden, and Sunday we mostly finished it.  Sunday evening, we butchered one of the litters, but not the other.

So then Monday morning was the termite treatment appointment.  The one problem with it was the wall that the rabbitry was built on.  I had to get the wall of the house, which was at the back of the rabbitry, as accessible as possible for the treatment, so we wouldn’t have an incomplete treatment.  You see, the three front posts of the rabbitry are set in concrete, and there is no way to remove the frame from which the cages are suspended from the rabbitry.

When the gentleman applying the treatment arrived, I requested that he treat that wall last, so I could do everything possible to give him access to it.  He was a really nice man, and we enjoyed chatting with him some near the end of the treatment.  But anyway, he agreed, but didn’t see that access would really be a problem.

So he went about treating the remainder of the house, and we continued the task we had started before he had arrived — removing the rabbits and their cages from the rabbitry.  Thank goodness we had taken care of the one litter, because this really would have been difficult with two litters of 6!

None of the trees in the back yard were leafing out yet, and I didn’t want to deal with bunny pee in the carport, so we were momentarily stuck as to where to put the rabbits.  Then, my mom suggested the new elevated garden.

Why, it was perfect!  Two feet high, give or take, so they would be safe.  The overhead structure was ideal for tying tarps to for shade.  And on grass… so no cement to clean up, and they could graze the day away. :)

The rabbit garden. This was the orientation for morning; later we changed the tarps so the northeastern corners were up.

Fluffy and Nibbles relax in the shade amongst the shreds of a box I gave them to play with, while Pearl guards her nest. You can see an adventerous popple poking its head up in the nest box.

The other meat litter, three in the left cage and three in the right, with Thumper in the middle. He's behind his wooden house.

Three of the meat litter munch happily on the grass.

The whole thing went really well.  After we had all the rabbits out, we cleaned the rabbitry and spread limestone in it.  The pest control man was able to just kneel at the front and lean through to the back, and he was able to fully treat the wall.  YAY!

He came and looked at the rabbits.  When he learned that we raised them for meat, he was pleasantly surprised.  A friend of his had just brought him two cleaned cottontails the previous day!  :D

Then we got to move them all back again…


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