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Six down, six to go…

With two litters of six, one Pearl’s, one Squeak’s, reaching 12 1/2 weeks of age, it was time to send them to freezer camp.  We got Squeak’s litter done today; we would have gotten both litters done, but we are also building a raised vegetable garden.  So we’ll take care of Pearl’s litter tomorrow after Shay gets home from work.

It went more smoothly this time.  This was only our second time butchering rabbits, so we’re still getting the hang of it.  It certainly is no fun, and it shouldn’t be.

We did learn that they are probably ready at 10 weeks.  I’m sure they gained weight in the last 2 1/2 weeks, but most of it had to be fat.  They had just as much fat on them as the first ones we butchered, which were at least twice as old.  They were certainly eating a lot, so we don’t need to keep feeding them so they can produce a bunch of fat.  The skin was also already starting to stick to the meat.

It is a privilege to be producing some of our own meat for our family.  We are grateful that we can do it.  Butchering day is sad, but knowing that we are putting meat on our table that is well-treated, unmedicated, and clean is priceless.  It is also a bit of insurance against a troubled economy, as well as any other anxious times that may come our way.


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