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The two litters at 6 weeks!

Well, I took these pictures two weeks ago, but better late than never, right?  Baby pictures are cute anytime anyway.  Here they are, Pearl’s litter first:

The whole gang. As you can see, two white, two red (one broken), and two broken chestnut agouti.

The one red, with swirls of lighter red, and white on the belly and feet.

The broken red.

One of the whites. As you can see, there's a little grey on the nose.

The other white. Okay, I confess. I have no idea if this is the other one or not. I can't tell the difference, and they were moving around too much!

One of the broken agoutis. They look just like Pinto, their father!

The other broken agouti. I couldn't get him to budge out of the corner. He was too busy washing his face.

Now for Squeak’s litter:

These guys are even more active than Pearl's! There's a chinchilla, a broken chinchilla, a half chinchilla/half light chestnut agouti, a broken red, and two bunnies I don't know the colors of.

I really have no idea what this color is called, but it looks like cinnamon. It's like a red, but it's a bit darker, and looks like it could be agouti. I haven't blown into the fur to see.

The broken chinchilla. Just really pretty.

The half chinchilla/half light chestnut agouti. Very interesting combination. His fur is mussed because he just got stepped all over by several of his siblings. I guess they all wanted his spot.

In the group shot, this is the bunny on the right with its back to you. There, it looks brown. Here, you can see it has a little bit of a reddish tint. Its sides are a difficult color to figure, too. Light brown/grey sort-of. Pretty little bun! Unfortunately, it is blind in one eye, because I didn't notice that its eye hadn't opened yet until too late.

The chinchilla, a smaller version of her mother.

A broken red, whose red fur has lighter and darker areas. Wish I could have gotten a better picture, but the little thing just wouldn't cooperate!

They’re all mutts, but they’re pretty mutts!  Mercifully, they lose the killer-cute looks right about the time they’re old enough to hit the freezer, as they start getting a more adult look to them.

UPDATE:  As requested in the comments, here is a picture of the little broken chinchilla’s face:

Broken chinchilla's face. There's a good body shot with airplane ears above.


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8 Responses to “The two litters at 6 weeks!”

  1. ladysown says:

    the brownish ones are chestnut or fawn. :) Chinchillas you will find throw a lot of chestnut/fawn. Chinchilla can range in colour as well. some get this brownish overcast which for some youngsters they apparently grow out of, and others don’t.

    Nice looking kits. :)

    • Miss M says:

      Oh, okay! So chestnut/fawn can even extend into that pretty, deep auburn red that one has? Cool!

      Thank you! :)

    • Miss M says:

      My husband’s boss is a fly fisherman, and requested a pelt when it’s freezer camp time. I told Shay he could tell his boss that I had pictures up, so he could pick his pelt. :D

  2. Avril Belanger says:

    Hi Miss M,

    Do you have a picture of its face of that cute little broken chinchilla?

    Avril Belanger

  3. Avril Belanger says:

    Thank you Miss M! The little broken chinchilla is really cute. I think I’ll have one (hopefully). :)

    Avril Belanger