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It’s too hot!

We are building a rabbitry, and we are confined to early mornings and late evenings, because it has gotten so hot so quickly! 90 degrees with 90% humidity is just brutal, and time to go inside.

We have the rabbitry itself finished now, so tomorrow morning we will move it into place and begin enclosing it. The cages are all hung already, and the waste chutes are done, and the gutters for carrying it all to a pan are done.

We are incredibly blessed by some of the ways we’ve been able to save money on this project. My uncle had saved some chain for years, which we used to suspend the cages. He just had his hail-damaged roof and gutters replaced, so we had our gutters. And the security system on the house rendered the window screens unusable, and they’ve been sitting on support under the eave of the house ever since. We’ll be using those to screen in the entire rabbitry (most of them are 8′ tall), and we’ll roof the whole structure. One screen will become the door.

I am really looking forward to our rabbits having room to spread out, and a setup that will be much, much, MUCH easier to keep clean!

I will be posting pictures soon.


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