What do you charge???? RabbitTalk sellers guide!!

From vermiculture and selling rabbit manure to rent-a-bunny for Easter photographs, this forum is a place to discuss other ideas for making a profit from rabbits.
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Re: What do you charge???? RabbitTalk sellers guide!!

Post Number:#91  Unread postby TeaTimeBunnies » Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:40 pm

North/West Tennessee

English Spots:
Self's/Charlies: $30 np, $35 p
Marked: $40-$50 p depending on markings

$15 per 50lbs of feed
I breed English spot, Mini Rex, Lop mix, Dwarf mix, And Meat mutts

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Re: What do you charge???? RabbitTalk sellers guide!!

Post Number:#92  Unread postby WWRabbitry » Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:55 pm

I breed specialty Holland Lops. Price range is crazy depending on eye color, VM, coat color, breeding quality, pet quality, show quality, and pedigree.

If has blue eyes or is VM or both, and rare colored pet quality, (no breeding or showing)- $200-$375 plus $15 for pedigree

If has blue eyes or is VM or both, and rare colored, show/brood QUALITY (i let buyers know about the VM fault) P- $250-$400

No blue eyes/no VM pet quality (no breed/show)- $80 plus $15 for pedigree

If blue eyed and/or VM but not a rare color, show/brood quality (breed/show aloud) P- $190-250

No blue eyes/no VM show/brood quality P- $175-$235

I pay like $8-$12 bucks per bale of timothy hay and $27.75 for 50 # Organic High Protein pellets

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Re: What do you charge???? RabbitTalk sellers guide!!

Post Number:#93  Unread postby Deer Heart » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:01 pm

It varies greatly in my area. Right now, you can't give rabbits away (people aren't buying, even at $3-5 a pop). But that's typical of Summer here, business is good after hurricane season ends in September. My prices are based on the average for here, but I strictly never sell at summer prices so these are the rest of the year prices, lol.

Central FL area;
Rex P - $25-35 (depending on color, blues and opals seem to sell best along with anything broken, no one seems to want anything in the "brown" range like castor)
Rex NP - $15 a head, regardless of color, you can't convince people in my area to pay more than that for just a pet or meal. Usually people wont even go for the $15, typically more like $5.

E Angora P - $75-100 based on gender, more for does than for bucks, only really see BEW go for more than $85, though.

Probably not a huge surprise I'm strongly considering moving away from Rex. As lovely as they are, local show people want the minis and will pay exactly the same price for minis as I can get for my standards... but I'm paying way more for feed and bigger cages. My area seems to be a strong pet and show market, but garbage for "meat" or "pelt" breeds (you get the same price for meat mutts). When I had new Zealands, I tried showing and kept competing against myself pretty much. It was sad. I couldn't get more than $20 for proven breeders, I wound up eating my entire herd in the end.

Mana Pro 50# - Closest feed store $15.95, If I can get out to Rural King (30 min drive out) $13.99. If I want Timothy hay, it's $19.99 everywhere so I usually get coastal for $6.99 even if I'm allergic to it.


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