Mystery Chick!

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Mystery Chick!

Post Number:#1  Unread postby HansenHomestead » Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:45 am

Good morning everyone!

I am finally back with a new batch of chickens, and chicks! There's 1 chick that I need help on trying to figure out which breed it is. Figured you guys would be able to help me as well since some of you also have chickens!

Here's a little back story:

My husband, and I often go to a large Amish Community where we buy a lot of food in bulk for a great price. After not having chickens for so long I decided hey I have an incubator, the eggs here are collected fresh then sold. Why not give it a try, right?! So I snatched up a dozen eggs marked as "Jumbo Brown Eggs." Let me tell you, they were indeed some Jumbo eggs, haha. The tips would barely fit into my Auto-Tuner. After waiting for about a week only 1 out of the 12 showed any signs of formation. I waited a few more days, and pitched the other eggs. (No formation at all.) I worked my butt off to keep the last little egg going, and finally last night she hatched!!! <3 <3 <3

She looks so different from any other chick I've ever had. Her down looks to me longer, and almost ​"fluffy,"  she light yellow with brown on her head, and side of her neck. Along with the brown on her neck it is longer, and like a wisp of down, almost like a little hair do, haha.

I am attaching several photos from different angles so you can get a better view of her.

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