Aiko and a minor my health update

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Aiko and a minor my health update

Post Number:#1  Unread postby akane » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:55 am

She was one of the best behaved, if a little puppy bouncy, dogs there and got a badge. Which she promptly tried to eat when we got home and I had to chase her around the room. She is a horrible klepto that is always carrying something in her mouth. :lol: It's a little less amusing that she is also a horrible resource guarder that we are working on. I had to come up with a new command of "share" when handing food that is not for her to another animal nearby or if she decides she can claim and drink a 2gallon bucket of water all by herself. You will just end up with hiccups and pee in front of the door a gallon or so short of your goal. :roll:


Today was supposed to be leave it practice but despite not hitting us that major winter storm going by kicked my butt and I've been on my electric blanket mostly asleep for 48hrs. Straining myself in martial arts last week didn't help. I kept shaking my head when people asked me to extend, raise, or swing my japanese sword more but they didn't listen. Eventually out of stubbornness it came down to letting my wooden sword fall to my right side and throwing all my weight that direction to stand there until I broke down crying, someone realized there was a problem, or I fell down. Luckily the middle option happened and I got dragged off to a chair where I could feel a trembling sensation from my back down my arms and trying to grip with my hands led to shaking. My left side has been in agony from wednesday until tonight. I think I can give hiking a shot tomorrow instead of sword class. It will be dark but it's supposed to be around 40F which is crazy in Jan here. We have little flashing lights of different colors for everyone and a lantern if I can find it.
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