Discussion of rabbit shows, news and events and tips about showing your rabbits.
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Post Number:#1  Unread postby baefull.wolfbunnies » Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:08 pm

This last weekend I went to the Great NW Rabbit show in Monroe, WA. It was my first ever rabbit show, either attending or showing. :D

I went with money because I assumed people would have rabbits for sale, turns out I was right. I went looking for does, but ended up bringing home a buck. Turns out the buck I bought was going to be in the show later that day so I stuck around and the previous owner actually showed me what to do in order to show him. He ended up getting second. So now I have a decent ( :shrug: ) show rabbit and I have no idea what to do now. He is a smaller breed then what I currently have, and I'm pretty sure there are no meat mutt shows. I also have no supplies related to showing rabbits. What bare minimum do I need to effectively show rabbits?

The new buck is a Thrianta. I have a French Angora X Beveren Doe, a Cinnamon buck and one of each gender of their kids. It won't let me upload a pic of the new buck due to wrong ending, (png not jpg)
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Re: Showing?

Post Number:#2  Unread postby SarniaTricia » Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:49 pm

Welcome to showing!! :D

I went to many rabbit shows with a friend who shows REX before settling down for a BREED.
I started with meat mutts and still have some..... but, based on the size of my rabbitry, I might need to scale back if I'm going to get serious about harlequins.

Thrianta are a lovely rabbit...Here is some information on showing him: ... formation/

You can attend any ARBA show.....

When I decided I wanted to start showing I purchased the Breed book from a merchant at the rabbit show.

Read-up on the rabbit you want to focus on.
Purchase breeding stock after you watch a few shows and get to know some breeders...
It is a really nice social event at shows... lots of time to visit and learn about the rabbits....
(I really suggest bringing your own lunch, snacks and beverages... it can be a long day)

Here is my post off my facebook page:
If anyone is wondering what a rabbit show is all about....

First you map your show location and plan on getting there 1/2 hour before the registration desk closes.
The night before, go over your rabbits, pack them, food, grooming supplies, camp chair, travel dishes, lunch for yourself etc, for quick loading in the AM.
Print out your showing sheet and write out your choices of rabbits.

Saturday's show meant I needed to be in Lansing for 7am.
That meant getting up at 4am, packing the car with rabbits, grooming supplies and being on the road for 5am.

Drive to the show and rush in and get your rabbits registered.
Registering your rabbits means getting a little card and filling one out for each of your rabbits, for each show. Then submitting and paying for each rabbit that will show.

Bring your rabbits in and make a small space for yourself. Pull out each of your bunnies and brush them, double check your rabbit's ear tattoo and sex, trim the nails; Then you sit around and wait for your rabbit breed to be called.

When it is, you wheel your travel cages to the judge's table and they go alphabetically by colour, senior buck, then senior doe; then junior buck and junior doe... until all the colours are done. Then the best of each colour are rated against each other.

The judging can be 10-15 minutes for small groups or hours for larger groups. The judging is done with anxious owners, hanging around the table listening over the noise in a large hall to the judge talk about your rabbit. You use what is said about all the rabbits to understand better how to pick show winners and select breeders in you own barn.

Between showing events you Visit with other rabbit people, shop at the rabbit suppliers, put tickets in for draws and wander around and look at the beautiful rabbits.
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Re: Showing?

Post Number:#3  Unread postby SixGun » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:04 pm

What a wonderful description SarniaTricia.

Ohhhh.... A Thrianta. So jealous.

I attended my first rabbit show with my first French Angora this last weekend and really wish I would have had your post prior. Chairs, why did I not bring chairs!

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