Co-Owning A Rabbit?

Keeping rabbits for their wool and methods of using it.
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Co-Owning A Rabbit?

Post Number:#1  Unread postby KenoshaRabbits » Fri Jun 24, 2016 1:05 pm

Hi there. I received an interesting proposition and was hoping to get feedback from the community.

A friend of mine heard I will be getting rabbits when I move to my new house. She is into knitting and crafts. She was wondering if I would take care of an angora rabbit for her. She wants the wool, I want the rabbit it sounds like a good match.

1) Does anyone out there have any experience with some type of co-ownership of a rabbit with a friend?

2) Any ideas of what would be an equitable split of costs? On one hand it would be easier for me to finance the whole setup (rabbits, cages, food, supplies) and just sell her the wool. On the other extreme she probably would finance everything and I would be compensated in rabbit enjoyment, an interesting hobby, and bunny berries for the garden. Then there is the whole issue of if she owns the rabbit who owns any potential babies, etc., etc., etc.

Which brings me back to question 1; has anyone out there done something similar? How did it work out for you? Any surprise issues or something like that?

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Re: Co-Owning A Rabbit?

Post Number:#2  Unread postby Preitler » Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:29 am


I didn't do that, and wouldn't. At my previous apartment I had chickens together with my neighbour, more or less, she did most of the chores and I paid the bills, we shared the eggs and had dinner together when one was to be slaughtered. It was not about ownership in any way, just about that we both wanted chicken. It's so much easier if there's someone else to care for them when need arises.

I wouldn't do that with rabbits, there is always the possibility that something goes wrong, and then it's important to me that it's explicit my animal, that it's me who decides what to do, and I can only blame myself then.
I happily accept every help I can get, like feeding when I'm away, and give away some fryers in return.

When I moved here a neighbour gave ma a rabbit as welcome present, I still feel bad that 2 weeks later a fox got exactly this one.... :(
Since then I always pay for rabbits.
I wouldn't easily take a rabbit in to care for, I would not be at ease, worrying that something could happen. Much worse if someone would pay for it. And I know others are in that dilemma when caring for my rabbits, so there are not many persones I would ask for help, and always trade favours.
I couldn't stomach it if the owner has ideas about things I really cant approve (like taking sweetie for a walk through the park, or bringing people to show it off)

I reckon not everyone is so thin-skinned about that as me, but would prefer financial contribution, but there is the question if some fur is worth one, or two vet visits.

In my opininion it's better to draw clear lines. You want rabbits - get rabbits. She wants fur - give her fur. You'll have to bargain the price, no idea what figures your friend has in mind.
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Re: Co-Owning A Rabbit?

Post Number:#3  Unread postby Dood » Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:33 am

I agree with Preitler

You own the rabbit and barter or sell your friend the wool.

If you want to offset the initial cost then you could have her buy the supplies and reimburse her with the the early wool harvests, then charge her for the wool after that

This way if anything should happen to the bunny you'll have concrete figures on the cost involved and hopefully it will avoid any awkwardness

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Re: Co-Owning A Rabbit?

Post Number:#4  Unread postby AprilW » Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:51 pm

Co-owning dogs is pretty common and I think it may work with rabbits but only with a written agreement. Most people, including myself, would not be comfortable asking their friend to sign an agreement but it could really save the day should a disagreement arise later. Think about all aspects: buying initial & ongoing supplies, breeding (who chooses the sire of the litter, who chooses which babies you keep/sell, who gets money from selling the kits, what happens if your doe doesn't survive giving birth), grooming including who gets the wool, what happens if the rabbit becomes sick (if one of you wants to see a vet, who has to pay the bill?), and so on. Talk about everything, write it down, and both of you sign it. Go further and have it notarized.

Other options: help her choose supplies and a rabbit that she keeps herself. You own the rabbit & supplies and then sell the wool to her. Or, she buys everything and pays you a small boarding fee to keep the rabbit on your property with you feeding/caring for it.
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Re: Co-Owning A Rabbit?

Post Number:#5  Unread postby KenoshaRabbits » Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:12 am

No worries on a written agreement. We're both lawyers (although we're both intellectual property lawyers not transactional ones).
There are really only a few givens, she gets the wool I have all the power regarding the everyday raising of the rabbit/health (I will be far away).
While we know we have to agree on many many areas, such as breeding and money, we only just begun talking about it. We will reach an agreement that works for both of us.
I was wondering if anyone out there was in a similar situation. I was thinking something like "I raise meat rabbits, I take care of an extra doe for a friend and he gets all the kits out of that doe." But it appears no one really does something like this. That's ok, it's a weird situation, and I thought maybe if one or two people did something similar would be a best case scenario.
I guess I will eventually post a update on the experience.
Thanks guys for the input.

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Re: Co-Owning A Rabbit?

Post Number:#6  Unread postby Zass » Mon Jun 27, 2016 5:05 am

Make sure you share ideals, as in, what to do in situations that may compromise health, and euthanasia. Her having different ideas on how to deal with pasteurellosis could put you in a very tough situation.

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