want to set up a colony

Alternative housing for rabbits in groups.
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want to set up a colony

Post Number:#1  Unread postby akane » Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:42 pm

Most of my chickens got wiped out and with the predators we have around here I'm debating selling the remainder and using the buildings for rabbits (after proper cleaning and disinfecting). I have an 8x8' coop with a door at either end so there's about 6x8' useable space. Then I converted a 170sq ft hexagonal oat bin to a large coop. The rats have torn some holes in the boards on the side so those need patched and I'm thinking of surrounding the whole bottom in chicken wire just in case. Both buildings have solid floors. The larger one gets a bit hot in summer but would probably be fine in winter with the holes blocked. It will not get much light though since the only windows are up high and they don't have glass. If there's a storm they have to be closed. Last winter I put plastic over one so some light would still come in. Neither building has electricity but I can reach the hexagonal one with several extension cords. Generally I only do that over winter cause otherwise my cords would get mowed off. I'm not sure I can find a way to build an outdoor pen off the larger building. The smaller one stays cooler in summer, has glass windows, and has the 2 doors with screen doors behind them. No rat or hole issues either. I already planned to build an outdoor pen off that one and had half the fence material up when my landlord let my chickens out while I was gone and they got killed.

So with 3 does and 2 bucks plus future litters which building in what combination would work best?

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After more thought I have decided to use the 8x8' building for my mini rex and actually get the chinchilla for meat and to further the breed. That was my original plan before I got interested in mini rex and realized I had no room for large rabbits. The chinchillas can have the hexagon building and I will ask if we can cut the back door in half so the top half will open and replace the other door and possibly the east facing window. We will see if that provides enough air and light.

So the mini rex plan since that's what I have right now. It turns out there are gaps and heavy duty frames on either side of the 2' doors making the useable space only 4' wide instead of 6' and then 8' long. If I stack my 2 bucks in 2x4' cages is 4x6' enough for the 3 mini rex does and 1 or 2 litters at a time up to weaning age? Then the kits will go to the cages on the enclosed porch where the rabbits are right now. If I need that extra 8sq ft the bucks can stay on the porch or go to the hexagon building.

Anyone know anything about small generators.... It's around $500 to run electricity to the buildings and I've seen generators for less than $200. I don't know what on going gas costs would be using it all the time though. All I need is to run 1 light bulb (maybe 2 in the hexagon building) and heat the waterers.
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