The peeps I won't be quiet about

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Re: The peeps I won't be quiet about

Post Number:#16  Unread postby akane » Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:08 pm

Seramas develop fast and do even better on a gamebird feed than a chick feed. Same for some of the other small bantams. I fed them what I was giving the button quail and eventually just switched all chicks to being raised on the gamebird crumbles. Chick colors are near impossible unless you are familiar with the appearance of the individual breed so you'd have to ask someone experienced in seramas. I'm not sure if a separate lavender serama color is common enough you'd get them on accident without paying for eggs specifically from a lavender project.

Overall chicken genetics are horribly complicated so good luck even finding what defines lavender besides a specific breed appearance or the whim of the cross breeder naming the colors they get. I have a large and very thick book on poultry genetics somewhere. It's not of much help outside of some specific colors only crossed to each other within specific breeds. :lol: Even the same appearance in 2 different breeds can be different genes that are not equally recessive or dominant so crossing what looks the same may result in an entirely different outcome depending what breed it came from. I got a few weird chocolate mottled japanese bantams while crossing black tail white with buff and all anyone could ever tell me about it was that's an oopsy rather than a Japanese bantam color so I didn't bother with the seramas or bantam EE that had a huge variety of color possiblities. Quail I can do but chickens I'm not spending the time to sort out besides a few isolated color combos.
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