Recognising Pain in Rabbits

Diagnosing and treating rabbit ailments. *Caution! These threads may contain graphic content.*
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Re: Recognising Pain in Rabbits

Post Number:#16  Unread postby michaels4gardens » Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:53 pm

michaels4gardens wrote:Rabbits hide their pain very well, People not very familiar with this can be misled into thinking that a rabbit is not in pain because they exhibit no "drama"
A rabbit will sit quietly and look calm and peaceful until a few moments before they die from the pain.

Look for
"hunched up" body posture
teeth grinding
listing back and forth
eye squinting or closed eyes
ears laid back against the body [in rabbits that usually have ears up]

it is an important part of responsible animal husbandry to make sure your animals do not suffer needlessly.
If an animal is considered "breed stock", or is terminal [ie: produced for food] there is no reason to nurse it back to health when it is not going to be suitable for either purpose when / if it recovers. The suffering it goes through while you are "trying to save it" is needless suffering.

I agree with Zass,
I probably was not very clear in the above statement, - I do believe in "nursing" a rabbit back to health from an injury if it seems there is a "good" chance the rabbit could heal up and be suitable for either purpose.

-- Sat Oct 22, 2016 3:53 pm --

grumpy wrote:A good precursor is keeping an eye on their feed intake, too. :D
That's a sure sign of problems not yet noticed.


This is a good example of why "free feeding" of rabbits "may not" be a good idea, -- I always feed a prescribed amount to my animals-- precisely because-- -- I can notice immediately if an animal is "off feed". --- as Grumpy pointed out--low/ no feed intake it is almost always a sign of a problem you have not noticed yet. and-- in my experience-- often it is the only sign you may get in time to "do something about it".
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