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Discussions and questions about how best to keep your breeding program running smoothly.
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All about bunnies blog!

Post Number:#1  Unread postby LopLionheadLady » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:15 am

Hey everybunny! I wanted to start a blog to help new rabbit owners,future rabbit ouners,breeders or just viewers with their rabbits!

I will talk about my experiences with my rabbits and feel free to ask any questions with yours! So first let me introduce myself, I am Haley a 13 rabbit ouner and my life basically revolves around my bunnies and their well-being. Over the years I have done all the reasearch I possibly can and more on bunnies and their needs.

I have three bunnies, first I have Bee, my spayed Lionhead Bunny, Muffin m’y male Holland Lop, and Lola my female Holland Lop. Lola and Muffin had their first litter of Holland’s about 5 weeks ago and had an incredible 6 babies. Now I have decided to stop breeding as I was spending over 3 hrs cleaning alone and then caring for the bunnies. I have already transformed my old room into a room only for bunnies and of course my bird Glee lol.

They were living in cages (Muffin and Lola) but Bee is free roam. My goal now is to have all the bunnies spayed and nueterd and then bond them and free roam them to my entire room by the end of the summer before schools starts. Muffin is going to be nueterd the 16th of July as I can’t tolerate his spraying and I need him to be nueterd to bond him to my spayed female. My other unsoayed female Lola is going to be spayed after her babies are weaned which is the 26th of July! I am so exited to cage free my buns and let them have the happiest life. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the blog and I will try to post daily!

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