Feeling defeated, bad luck litters

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Feeling defeated, bad luck litters

Post Number:#1  Unread postby KimitsuKouseki » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:47 pm

So, I know this happens, it's all part of it, but this is the first time it's been so bad for me and I'm starting to feel defeated.

Last month, I tried my breed my first pure blood english angora litter. A few hours after birth, I go check. There was fur in the nest, but the 3 kits, all dead. One was dead under the fur, unfed and slithly warm, the other 2 were fed, but frozen solid on top of the fur inside the nest... It wasnt even that cold when it happened. I tried to rez them, but they were gone.

Now 2 new lionhead litters were born a couple days ago.
MmeMoustache had 5 babies but 3 were dead outside the nest with their legs and tails gnawed off. From their whiskers, 2 of those dead babies would've been astrex. Also the deaths had happened not long before since they were still bleeding from their wounds and hadnt turned into icycles yet. This is her 3rd litter to date and the first time she has done that to her babies. The last 2 are healthy, but nothing special.
BigMama had 5 babies. Found half of one burried under a layer of fur at the bottom of the nest. It looked malformed as if it had stopped aging at some point, but I only found the top half of the body never found the rest. and it was gross, like rly gross, as if it was already decomposing even though it had been there only an hour or 2. I just hope the other half isnt stuck inside BigMama or something. Today when I checked the 4 remaining babies, I realised the runt is malformed. The front paws stuck in a strong L shape at the wrist. I almost culled it, I didn't even though I probably should've cause that litter is going to be meat anyways so figured if it lives at least it'll be that.

It just sucks you know. Getting new babies is so much fun normally and although it's normal to lose some along the way this just feels wrong right now.
BigMama I figure 2 factors played agaisnt her litter. She hadn't had any litter for a while, you can still feel the exess fat in her belly, gonna have to make her get more babies soon after these for sure. But also the father had splayed legs when he was a kit. He got better as an adult and since he was the last one alive of the Trésor line and thus carries chocolate self... I wanted to use him for an heir before culling him, but now I'm thinking of just culling and getting a new male. He has sore hocks and is an hyperactive monster too so in general I'm not fond of him. But this might just be a freak occurence because of BigMama's condition so I'm not sure. The female I had planned to breed him with wont be old enough for at least a few more months. If I decide to replace that male with a new one I'll need to look for a chocolate self carrier and that's not nescessarilly easy or cheap unless I get lucky or something.

I just feel stuck right now.
Next month is my first ''pure lionhead" litter to date. I put "" cause they are both 1st gen double manes, aka the starter blood lines. Panda, double mane, super gorgeous chestnut and Soma, double mane amasing looking tricolor. I normally always had at least one of the parents be single mane so far, but anyways I'm worried the bad luck will continue. :(
Also after that I have no clue what to do next. Try again for the pure english angora maybe? MmeMoustache and Bigmama wont be rdy to breed just yet, Bigmama will be the next month after though. Mei and Eva didnt have a litter in as long as BigMama hadn't so maybe I should do em? I dunno.... sigh

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Re: Feeling defeated, bad luck litters

Post Number:#2  Unread postby Ghost » Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:17 pm

You have to do the most good for the most. You must remember that a few won't make it. Don't be ashamed to shed a tear for the ones lost along the way, we will not hold it against you. Just remember "the herd goes on".

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Re: Feeling defeated, bad luck litters

Post Number:#3  Unread postby GBov » Tue May 14, 2019 7:12 pm

You will get through this, bad rabbit times come to us all. It took me months and months and months to get our first litters alive, cared for and in the nest box, despite all the does being experienced mums.

Despite having bred rabbits for many years this new batch was a nightmare but now, we have three good litters, all 6 does are bred and the population explosion is underway.

You will have super luck soon and all your breeding goals will come true!

Oh, one final thing, have you got rats? I almost lost half a litter to the demons, they were under the cage and had pulled the nest through the wire and had the kits on the wire cage floor and had just started eating them. Hate rats, me!

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