Help with New Diet for Jersey Wooly with UTI/Gut issues

Provide a well rounded diet without commercial feed, including discussions of the methods and merits of growing fodder.
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Help with New Diet for Jersey Wooly with UTI/Gut issues

Post Number:#1  Unread postby The_Dutchess » Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:25 am

Hey guys!
It's been a while. My rabbits honestly haven't been doing great, with DQs and a recent mystery death, but I'm plugging along and just trying to keep them all happy and healthy right now.
Anyway, I have this doe with a lot of issues, but she's my best show Wooly (of course) so I've been keeping her around. Basically, I showed her until she was 5 months, at which time she suddenly was found to have butting teeth. I've been keeping them trimmed and the vet thinks they may start to correct themselves. Since the teeth issues, her gut has always been off. Her rear end is a poop/hay mess almost 24/7. She recently got a vent/anal infection so bad she was bleeding because of the constant messy butt. Now she is on enroflaxin for that. I have since started sanitizing her cage once weekly and spot cleaning once daily (she is on wire like all my rabbits), she now has a hay rack, she gets Timothy or grass hay 24/7 and she has 1/4 cup Kent Home Fresh feed. She's not doing well on pellets for some reason. I've tried 4 different kinds and none work. If I take her off pellets, her gut issues start going awat, but then she starts getting skinny. So basically, what on earth do I feed this doe? Do I feed her naturally? If so, where do I begin? This would be the first time I have ever not feed pellets so I have no clue what people naturally feed their rabbits. Or would the alfalfa-based peplets have something to do with it? I used to feed grass-alfalfa mix hay and she did poorly on that so maybe she's sensitive to alfalfa? Are there Timothy based pellets that I could feed? I'm just worried that if I switch her feed I'll have issues keeping her in show condition.
Wow, that's pretty long. If you made it this far, thanks and I look forward to your response!

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