Homemade mixed feed

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Homemade mixed feed

Post Number:#1  Unread postby minibackyardfarmer » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:59 am

So we finally found a female rabbit that was to our likings (it is hard in the area as most are kept for breeding) to breed with our two males to build up the quality of meat rabbits and fur that we want.

With our first buck he wanted nothing to do with pellets (the deer loved him for it lol) so I switched over to a better option and easier on our pockets. - we think he's a checkered mix (maybe rex mix but doesn't have the velvety fur but good size). kids called him Yoyo because he has a y in white on his one cheek (hes black and white)

We've done the same thing with our new buck and doe - both are a lionhead mix, doe is a mini rex (if i had to guess on the rex type)/lionhead mix. kids called the buck coal (all black) and the doe is babs buttercup (because our youngest wanted to call her buttercup and he wouldn't budge lol)(shes a satin color)

Anyways I was going to try and do up our own mix, it would cost us more since we can't find bulk pumpkin seeds around for off season, but right now I use:

Royal Wing Wildlife Mix (can get 20lbs for around $9) - corn, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts (but i've noticed out of the mix this is like a 1 or 2% ratio to the mix there isn't a lot in there).

They get hay (we get free from the father inlaw - mainly used for winter but they eat it and we give them some during the summer if the grass isn't doing great during the really hot spells), alfalfa, and mineral/salt rolls (but they don't really touch the salt ones, so we usually just have a bunch of the mineral ones on hand). Some wild bird feed mix (it has millet in it and a few other things) as a ration feed with their other feed.

We are also working on making rabbit pasture tractors so they are gaining grass better in their diet (we can't keep up with our buck YoYo when it comes to this he will literally put on a show if he sees you and wants more grass lol). then in winter we will have them in the tractors in a stationary location (the tractors we made to have a plastic tote with a hole cut out the side for their bedding area - and the back is blocked with 3/4 of the sides with solid walls (old storage shed that got torn up in a wind storm metal) and then rest is hardwire fencing for openess and air flow - solid roof too).

Anyways was thinking of adding a grain to the mix we can get steamed rolled barley pretty cheap from the feed store and wheat also (oats are expensive if trying to get the rolled I already know they wont eat the other type). Barley or wheat would be our best choices if we had to choose one this way we can utilize it in our chicken/duck feed mix too (which is a grain, wild bird seed, and fishmeal - I've thought about just utilizing this as a rabbit feed also but unsure if rabbits can have fishmeal so haven't done so).

So a few questions...

1. which is better for rabbits when it comes to grains - barley or wheat? I've read on here where some rabbits won't eat the wheat. Just want to make sure if we go with a grain and they do eat it, it won't produce them to get fatty (if that makes sense as I think oats tend to do that sometimes but could be wrong lol)

2. Can rabbits have kelp meal? (we use it as a free choice mineral for the chickens/ducks and hopefully future goats lol)

3. I use to have a list of the safe foods that rabbits can eat, so we could do scraps with them (at least once a week or our chickens would probably stage a rebellion lol) but can't seem to find it - is there a place to find this list easily? I know apple wood is good for them and we give them our apple tree trimmings to chew on (the kids have done an applewood wood pile for them to give as needed lol)

Thanks in advance :bunnyhop:

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Re: Homemade mixed feed

Post Number:#2  Unread postby michaels4gardens » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:39 pm

Wheat is best for rabbits in my opinion... [and I have not had any trouble with rabbits not eating rolled wheat]

I feed all table scraps to rabbits, including cooked meat scraps...

I have added kelp meal, and granules when making my own feed mixes,... since I don't add salt to my 'home made feed" the extra salt in the kelp didn't cause problems... in fact they did very well with the addition of kelp..... [some "pet rabbit websites" say kelp should never be fed to rabbits, but then again.. they have many weird opinions.

Apple, fruit, twigs/branches and leaves (not seeds)
Ash twigs/branches
Basil and blooms
Beets and tops
Birch twigs/branches
Blackberry, brambles, leaves, berries
Black cherry
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Blueberry, and bushes
Bok choy -
Borage and blooms
Broccoli -
Brussels sprouts -
Calendula (pot marigold)
Carrots and tops (limit root,for overweight rabbits..- high sugar content, )
Cauliflower - limit due to possible gas build up
Cereal grains
Chamomile and blooms
Clovers and blooms
Coriander (Cilantro) and blooms
Cowberry, and bushes
Crabapple, all but the seeds
Curly dock
Daisies and blooms
Dame's Rocket
Dandelion, whole plant and blooms
Day Lily and blooms
Dill and blooms

cabbage family plants be especially careful to feed small amounts at first as it causes gas

Endive - possible gas build up
Evening Primrose
Fennel and blooms
Garden Cress
Garden Nasturtium/Indian Cress
garlic chives
Gladiolus blooms
Grains (wheat, oat, barley, milo, millet)
Grapes, vines, leaves
Great Plantain and blooms
Great Willow Herb
Hazel twigs/branches
Horse nettle
Huckleberry, leaves, berries,
Hyssop and blooms
Jasmine blooms
Jerusalem Artichoke
Juniper twigs/branches
Kale (curly and fodder) -possible gas build up
Kohlrabi - possible gas build up
Lady's Mantle
Lavender (plus, may facilitate kindling)
Lemon Balm
Lettuce - dark green varieties are by far the best
Maple twigs/branches
Mulberry, branches and leaves
Mustard Greens and flowers
Nettles, dried (but doesn't seem to bother the rabbits when fed green)
New jersey tea
Oats, whole, crimped or rolled ('old fashioned')
Orchard Grass/Hay
Oxeye Daisy/Marguerite
Papaya (if fresh, contains helpful enzymes that can help reduce fur block)
Parsley and parsley root (promotes favorable GI bacterial balance)

Purselane (Portulaca oleracea,
Peach (fruit only)
Pear fruit, twigs/branches and leaves (not seeds)
Peppermint and bee balm (but dries up a lactating doe)
Peppers (green, etc)
Pine (avoid feeding cones to breeding-age does)
Pineapple (if fresh, contains helpful enzymes that can help reduce fur block)
Plantain and blooms
Poison ivy
Poplar twigs/branches
Pot Marigold
Radishes and tops
Raspberry and leaves
Red maple
Romaine Lettuce (and other dark green and red lettuces)
Rose, canes, leaves and blooms
Rosemary and blooms
Sage and blooms
Salad Burnet and blooms
Sheep sorrel
Small burnet and blooms

Spruce twigs/branches
Strawberry, and plants
Sunflowers, blooms and seeds
Thyme and blooms
Timothy Hay
Tomato (ripe fruit only)
Turnip and tops -possible gas build up
Wheat grass
White oak
Wild carrot
Wild lettuce
Wild Pansy
Wild rye
Willow (all species
Wood Cranesbill/Woodland geranium
meat-mutt rabbits, a few laying hens.

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Re: Homemade mixed feed

Post Number:#3  Unread postby minibackyardfarmer » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:12 pm

Thank you for that info.

Makes upping our own feed game a lot easier lol.

Now just gotta wait till she's ready to be bred and breed her with Cole till we get an offspring doe of qualities that we like and then breed that doe to yoyo for size.

Meat mutts are better than settling on prubreeds lol.

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Re: Homemade mixed feed

Post Number:#4  Unread postby GBov » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:32 am

What location in the country are you? That helps us give advice tailored to your area. What works for me down here on the fossil sand dunes of Central Florida wouldn't work for someone in Canada. :lol:

One thing to remember, if your rabbits look good, feel good, act happy, and reproduce, you are doing a good job. It's hard not to doubt yourself when feeding differently to most people but your rabbits will tell you quick enough if you have something wrong.

I would suggest getting another doe or two though, two bucks to one doe is not the best ratio.

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