Can we talk rescue dogs for a sec?

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Can we talk rescue dogs for a sec?

Post Number:#1  Unread postby Graciela » Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:15 am

So, we moved to Uruguay 3.5 years ago (long story) and my kids and wife wanted dogs. We'd never had dogs in the States because I tried to be responsible and not get any animals we couldn't afford vet bills for, and we also never had a fenced yard.

Anyway, now we live in a 15 acre ranch in a country where vet care is incredibly cheap and we started getting dogs. We sterilize everything as soon as possible. My wife adopted a 3 month old male pittie cross, and my son (autistic) got a tiny what we thought was a husky pup but turned out to be a long lean half coyote with massive fangs and serious devotion. She literally sleeps on top of him at night to guard him with her body.

Then we got an old beach bum Goldie mix who came to us very traumatized from being attacked with a weedeater. He took a lot of love and care to restore food security and and relieve storm anxiety, and he STILL can't abide a weedeater in his vicinity. Then we took a starved galgo (Spanish greyhound) pup who was found with his littermates in a dumpster. He is now tall and handsome and incredibly fast, and loves hunting wild Brazilian guinea pigs.

I basically tolerated all these dogs. I was never a dog person. I was a horse person. The dogs were fine, whatever. I was dealing. THEN I was at the vet for something and they had this tiny Rottie puppy who could fit on one hand and I was suddenly a dog person. She tries to sleep on top of ME at night to guard me with HER body :D She's 2 now and the most gorgeous thing ever and so strong she can pull a ten gallon paint bucket full of concrete behind her on a chain like it's nothing.

It kind of snowballed from there. We moved off the beach onto the ranch and the neighbor came by with a beautiful furball of a blue merle pup and I went back for one of his brothers because a puppy should have his sibling close by, and they stretched out into lovely rangy lads. Then I opened the door one day and a skeleton cimarron (brindle) pittie pup dashed between my legs and into the house, she's a butterball bigger than the other pittie now. THEN a friend of ours died tragically and left a massive aged white and black cattle hound needing a home so she came to us too.

At that point, I think we're done - but boy am I naive. We're at a warehouse store and they are having an adoption day for a local dog refuge out front. There's a 3-legged Weimaraner with just a flappy chicken wing left of her right front leg, so she comes home with us. We find out the refuge has 120 dogs and start following their facebook page... I know. Rookie move.

So last week we built a refuge on our property and went way out in the country to the refuge and took all of their unadoptables. Most of them are 10 years +.

A massive old black Newfoundland cross - she is 16 or 18 with congestive heart failure. A gorgeous big lush black and white border collie who some subhuman POS took a paw off of - and who turned out to be the Weimaraner's best friend! That reunion was the best thing you ever saw. <3 Another old Goldie cross with both back legs missing all the way up to the hip, who has a wheelie cart on order. A little white and gold spaniel with terrible allergies, and a tiny fierce ash grey terrier with a tumor on her front paw at the joint.

A feisty Pom/Shetland Sheepdog cross who we nicknamed "parkour dog" becasue she is small but can bounce and backflip her way out of any enclosure - she's beautiful in spite of her face which is blackened from another subhuman throwing hot grease at it (what is WRONG with people?!). And a Houdini of what looks to be a purebred full size Airedale who was a puppy mill mom till her back teats almost drag the ground.

17 dogs - well, 16 on site since my 19 yr old daughter just took her galgo and moved out to her OWN little ranch. Plus a dozen cats (also rescues), the passel of meat rabbits, two doe goats and three horses.

Anyone else here have the rescue bug? :D

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Re: Can we talk rescue dogs for a sec?

Post Number:#2  Unread postby SarniaTricia » Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:06 pm

My hubby put a cap on our crew of 3 indoor pets..
I rent my farm space; so I have a cap on critters too.....

Love our Dog and 2 cats!
Our dog is a shepherd mix (Princess) and she needed some love and training to get her socialized
Our cats are so different its amazing they are friends!.... Vegas is outgoing and in your face.... Stella is scared of everything, but she loves us, her and her fur "sisters"

I would have more, but the hubby is a wiser man then me :) We can't afford more then we have. I also raise rabbits, chickens and turkeys on my rented farm property for food and a few rabbits for showing.
Breeding Czech Frosty & Magpie Harlequin Rabbits for Showing, Meat and Pelts...
Working towards a farm to raise animals with respect and care.
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