Hi GBov,Akane & others with cuy experience.

Discussion of all aspects of rabbits as meat animals. If this subject is offensive to you, please do not visit.
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Re: Hi GBov,Akane & others with cuy experience.

Post Number:#31  Unread postby Ghost » Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:15 pm

Greencaller wrote:Well I WAS thinking of skinning cuy if I ever get my hands on one, but after reading this incredibly informational post, I think I'd rather scald. (Hope they don't smell as bad as chickens, lol).

I suppose it is all a mater of preference, as I stated in my post Even though I found my first attempt at skinning tricky, I will probably give it another try. I will try to follow the hog skinning video I found here I'll be sure to have a curved blade like X-acto #10 or X-acto #22 (a Google image search will give you examples) I even purchased a seam ripper, to test that out.
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Re: Hi GBov,Akane & others with cuy experience.

Post Number:#32  Unread postby michaels4gardens » Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:17 am

when I lived in Florida, I tried Guinea pigs for a while- the seasons were long, and grass and forage were almost always available-- I prefer the skin on, [skinning is also a lot of trouble compared to rabbits] I like them deep fried - or rubbed with salt and pepper, and baked- then at the last,- I uncover them and set the oven on broil , until they get brown and crispy - I like to dip meat pieces in butter and fresh chopped garlic..[no wonder i am so fat] .. I don't think raising them is too efficient in areas with long winters, as feed must be purchased -- unless,-- one had a greenhouse like I did in Florida..
meat-mutt rabbits, a few laying hens.


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