Harlequin (the breed) specifically Magpie

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Re: Harlequin (the breed) specifically Magpie

Post Number:#16  Unread postby Ferra » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:41 am

So I might be getting lured this way. I know we have a lot of members raising Magpies' out in eastern Canada. I just found out, via a kijiji ad, that there is someone out my way who claims to be a registered breeder selling Magpie stock. She's got these two young bucks available for the moment. I've got a message out getting a feel for her stock, and what she typically has available - because I am insanely curious.

Harlequins.JPG (23.44 KiB) Viewed 28 times

I'm getting a little frustrated with my meat-mutt stock. One of my does gave me a no-holds barred bite last week, so she's on the culling short list right now (she may be bred, so she's getting a short reprieve for kindling/weaning). And while I'm still having some level of fun, my goals right now involve getting a consistent body type, working in the harlequin gene I found in Onyx, and trying to improve the temperament in my herd - all things I realize, someone else has done in established breeds, and I'm just frustrated enough that I might consider "cheating" on these goals and getting stock that's already improved...

I know they're a little smaller than your typical NZ, but I've heard really good things about mothering skills and temperament. It's tempting, because as I told my husband while discussing my current herd - productivity is all well and good and one of my main goals, but because I'm not a commercial raiser (I really only DO this for fun after all...), I should probably make sure that I ENJOY working with my rabbits - productive but unpleasant rabbits need not apply.

So for those of you raising these little guys, I know a lot of you do it for show with culls as a side product. How would your rate them for someone who would be focusing on meat/pelts more as a primary focus, and how do you find their temperament/behavior?

A response from the seller indicates she only had a pair and recently lost the buck, so there likely will not be other stock forthcoming. These two bucklings may be it. Part of me wants to get one and switch him for the Harlequin patterned mutt buckling I am growing out (chinchilla and Harley genetics in one neat little package!)... And the other half is really, REALLY suspicious about what got her buck... :shock:

-Update- to the Update.
Supposedly the buck was a case of sudden, unexplained death. He was a little older so she suspects old age as the culprit. Grain of salt and all that...

I am horribly tempted though to get the chocolate marked magpie buck as a second buck (unrelated, nice colour, supposedly out of stock with a nicer attitude), and keep him incarcerated in my garage for a nice long quarantine period. He was born 4 days after my litter I am growing out for new breeders, which makes him around 11 weeks in the photo. So tempted...

... But need more rabbits like I need a hole in the head. I promised all my new cages to the Angoras. So if I do this someone has to go. (Maybe that someone is bitey-doe though)


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