Hand Made Skinning Knives

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Hand Made Skinning Knives

Post Number:#1  Unread postby PSFAngoras » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:54 pm

Hi guys!

Haven't been on for a long while! Don't worry, I still have bunnies, life has just been busy. But Homer let me know about the interest in skinning knives from the other thread, so instead of stealing that thread or making poor Homer play message boy I thought I'd start a thread here. :D This is simply just to see if there is an interest, there WILL BE much PM'ing back and forth to figure out all the details.

So, after much discussion (and some persuasion, it is Ice Fishing season after all... :fishing3: ) with hubby, he has agreed to make knives. The basic shape and size of the knives will all be the same, so it will save some time, but I want you to know how time consuming they are, and why the price is what it is. The bare bones of the process, without much detail, is that he has to cut each blank by hand with a grinder and a cut off wheel. We don't have a plasma cutter. Then each blank is annealed, which is heating it in a forge to soften the metal so it can be worked more easily. Then the basic shape of the knife is ground out of the blank, and a primary bevel is ground onto the blank. Then each blank has to be heated and quenched in an oil bath, which strengthens the metal again, and after that they get another grind on the bevel (blade edge) and a few more finishing touches. Then it's into the oven for a few hours to temper the steel. After that it's hours of work for the handle (unless you opt for a paracord wrapped handle) and a few more for the sheath, and then final sharpening of the knife. It's VERY labor intensive!

That being said, he is willing to do a cookie cutter batch of skinning knives, similar to the one in the picture that Homer posted in the other thread. (That is my personal knife that we designed and hubby made a couple of years ago.) There are some small changes in design, the overall knife will be a little smaller than my knife, approximately 5 1/2", and there will be more of a point on the blade. I found after some use that the angle of the point on mine is not very helpful if you need it for anything more than skinning, so he made it a little more defined. The handle is rounded at the rear so that you can place it in the palm of your hand if you need to use the point for more detailed work or to poke a hole in something. The knives are made out of an old saw blade (we think it's carbon steel, but it's made many good knives so far), so they WILL RUST if not properly cared for. They should not be left in water, and should be washed immediately after use and then oiled with some sort of heavy food grade oil. We use either Olive Oil or Food Grade Mineral Oil. When not in use I only have to oil the knife every couple of months at most, but we live in Colorado with little humidity, so you may find you need to oil it more if you live in a more humid climate. If surface rust does occur, you can use super fine steel wool to remove it and then just continue to keep the knife well oiled. USE EXTREME CAUTION CARING FOR THE BLADE, THEY ARE EXTREMELY SHARP!! Though the steel they are made from holds and edge VERY well (hubby helped butcher a steer last fall with his hunting knife and still hasn't needed to sharpen it), the metal is brittle and the blades will chip or crack if used for prying. THEY CANNOT BE PRIED WITH! The knives will have a single or Scandinavian beveled blade. This makes it easier to sharpen, and they hold an edge very well, but they are VERY SHARP. It may take a month or two to complete the knives, as we both have full time jobs (hubby isn't real tech savvy so I'll be helping with emails and shipping and maybe sewing sheaths), but payment wouldn't be until time of shipping anyhow.

Due to the work involved the prices are as follows, and DO NOT include shipping.

Knife with Paracord wrapped handle: $100
Knife with Wooden Scaled handle (woods available can be discussed via PM): $140
Sheath, plain leather, dyed and finished with either a snap or post closure. NOT INCLUDED WITH KNIFE. $60 (Hubby wants me to stress that these are hand made to fit the knife and are stitched by hand, and are not crappy factory made sheaths.)

There will be a lot of details we'll have to work out if your interested, but Payment will likely be through Paypal when the knife ships out. He hasn't sold any online before so its all new to him as well.

Again, this is mostly to see if there is interest, not to substitute as an ordering form, so please PM me if interested. I will be posting pictures after this initial post of the sketch of the proposed knife blank and then another with the original knife that Homer posted above the sketch for a better idea of size and type of sheath required (The button is not included on the sheath. I'm the wife, so I get a special button). I'll try to re-post a picture of the original skinner to show workmanship detail too.

Thanks All!

__________ Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:42 pm __________

AAArgh!! hold on guys, I'll get the photos up, have to resize the images real quick...

__________ Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:54 pm __________

Okay, here's the photos. I thought I had a better pic of the sheath but I can get that tomorrow when the lighting is better if anyone is interested.
skinning knife.jpg
original skinning knife and sheath
skinning knife.jpg (187.42 KiB) Viewed 597 times
knife sketch 2 - Copy.jpg
sketch of proposed skinner in comparison to the original
knife sketch 2 - Copy.jpg (88.41 KiB) Viewed 597 times
knife sketch - Copy.jpg
sketch of proposed skinner
knife sketch - Copy.jpg (84.6 KiB) Viewed 597 times
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Re: Hand Made Skinning Knives

Post Number:#2  Unread postby Ramjet » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:48 pm

Nice work ... from a fellow knife maker.

Might try Etsy , I had some luck there.
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