Newish to Rabbits - New Zealand Blues

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Newish to Rabbits - New Zealand Blues

Post Number:#1  Unread postby Jaulen » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:40 pm

Good evening!

I've posted but thought I should introduce myself. I'm a geologist. Live in Laramie, WY at 7200 ft elevation, have been sucessfully gardening here for a few years now (it's a labor of love), do home preserving (I have way too many kinds of jams and jellies), and been putting in all edible landscaping in our yard (birds are the bane of my existence when it comes to my raspberries or strawbwerries).

We got into rabbits last year. Had gone to a garden club meeting and they were talking about animal manure for gardens and how llama and rabbit were the only two manures that didn't need composting before using on the garden. So I came home, started reading about rabbits, left to go somewhere else. When I came back husband was like "Whoa! Do you see how cheap it can be to raise rabbits to eat??" So, we decided on getting rabbits. Decided on New Zealands, and I'm partial to grey colored animals so took a while to find a breeder that was localish that had NZB. Picked up a trio in August last year. Got the pedigrees for them.

Hoping to get some chickens and start a hive (urban homesteading in a upscale housing development with tiny yards)

Bred our first girl on New Years Day.
31 days later, 10 babies!

Bred our second girl 2 weeks later, 31 days later, babies!
Unfortunately mom died. So we had 11 babies I hand raised.

First doe bred again, and she just had another litter yesterday. 11 babies in this litter. Mom appears to be doing well. No runts in the litter.

This forum is great, there is so much information on here! And I love looking at the pictures of all the different rabbits.

I'm hoping to get the line to breed true to blue. Right now I'm getting blue or REW (first litter was 50/50, other litters have been heavy weighted to blue)

Here's my girls out in the yard. Husband felt bad that they were in wire cages all the time, so he bought them a dog run to be able to have some grass time.

Here's the buns from the first litter, in the run while their cage was getting washed, about 6.5 weeks old.

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Re: Newish to Rabbits - New Zealand Blues

Post Number:#2  Unread postby Nymphadora » Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:50 pm


It sounds like you have an excellent foundation to start on, Jaulen! Beware the Rabbitosis. ;)

And thank you for the pictures of your beautiful rabbits... I'm liking the NZ blues over the other colors the more I see it. :oops:

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