Building Judging Coops

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Building Judging Coops

Post Number:#1  Unread postby LostBrundageRabbitry » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:10 pm

I'll be putting on a rabbit show for my local 4H group and was wondering what size of judging coops should I build? I was thinking 14" deep, 10" wide, and 11" tall for each hole. Each hole would have its own door instead of one door for multiple coops. I won't be using pans under it, instead I will use puppy pads or carpet squares since it would only be used for about two hours. (I would be using it more at home, but the two hours is where it really matters) Do you guys feel like that would be big enough for most common breeds? We only have one Flemish Giant in our group, which won't even need to go into the cooping. We have Satins, Californians, and Rex for our large breeds, and Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarves, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, and Britannia Petites for all our smaller breeds.
Our group has about 15 members, only 5 of us having multiple rabbits. 2 of us are big breeders and have about 30 at a time. Do you think 12 holes would be enough or should I do 16? I of course can call up only one class at a time if needed.
I'm actually really excited for this whole event. I get to be the judge, and since I'm good at not being bias, I also get to have my own rabbits in the show. Yay! I also have really cute paper ribbons that I will be using as awards, and I get to be creative and make something for best and reserve in show.
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