How to do feet?

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Re: How to do feet?

Post Number:#16  Unread postby Mrr » Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:00 pm

What if you're looking to dehydrate the feet for dog treats? I have a few friends looking to buy them off me after our butcher days as treats for their dogs. I don't have a food dehydrator, could I use an oven? How would that work?

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Re: How to do feet?

Post Number:#17  Unread postby shazza » Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:29 pm

i don't even use borax on mine, lol. i just soak them in alcohol for a couple days then set them out on a towel in front of a fan to dry. it usually takes 3-4 days before they're totally dry, but it makes it nice so you can make sure they dry in a position that is pleasing. a friend of mine even dried bobcat paws this way, which are way more meaty than rabbit feet. i think borax is to help if you live a really humid area, but i live in houston, which is horrible humid year-round, and i've never had problems. makes it nice and easy haha, no spending weeks or having to move the feet from solution to solution.

i would imagine that alcohol-only would be okay for dog chews as well? the theory is that the alcohol replaces the water in the meat and tissue then evaporates which dries them out, so theoretically there shouldn't be any more alcohol in the foot once you give it to your dog. my dog is way too big to get more than 3 seconds of entertainment out of a rabbit foot or ear so i haven't really looked too much into it though. i'm curious to know if it's an acceptable method, because i'd love to sell ears/feet that won't do well for keychains as dog chews for some extra cash and a way to use more of the animal.
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Re: How to do feet?

Post Number:#18  Unread postby bigfoot_158 » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:41 pm

LPH_NY wrote:
alforddm wrote:I dry mine in my dehydrator. You can also pack them in salt but they need to be dried.

You do this after the 3 days in alcohol and three days in borax solution? I got the impression that air drying was the final step in this method....

I used this method post by slightlyredneck on youtube. I just put the feet in alcohol for 4 day then squeeze out as much alcohol as possible. Then I rinse them in running cold water. Then I place them in a1 1/2 cup mason jar with two tablespoons of borax for four days. Then I use a blow dryer to dry the fur, stopping every so often to brush the mats out and continue with the dryer until all fur is dry. Then I just sat them on a paper towel for a couple days to air dry the inside portion of the feet. They turn out great as for how long the will last with out rotting I could not tell you. Since this is the first pair of feet I have done and they just got finished last week. :D
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Re: How to do feet?

Post Number:#19  Unread postby alforddm » Wed Aug 24, 2016 5:25 pm

I would just dry in the oven following instructions for jerky. If you're drying for dog treat you don't want to use rubbing alcohol. I suppose you could use something like Everclear but that would probably get expensive.


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