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Re: SEP intro

Post Number:#31  Unread postby SEP board » Wed May 04, 2016 6:30 am

I like the way it's all coming together. I was at Home Depot last night and found polycarbonate roofing that was 26 inches wide and 8 feet long. Picked up two of them to overlap and then wired them down for a hard roof. So that will help keep weather and sun off them in the long term. Still have the tarp to roll down in front for when it's really coming down (like it is right now in our area). Still allows air flow through the sides while giving top and front protection.

Liking the way the quail frame is coming along as well. Plan to have four cages when I'm done. Nice to have a mental blueprint and then see it start to come together!

I 'could' get the NZ, and haven't ruled it completely out. Like $8-$12 in my area. I can put her in the empty cage and build two more for grow out cages and put them under the far left/right 'slots'. Then use that polycarbonate roofing material under the top cages to slant down to the two center areas where the worms are. That's the plan but I'll see how quickly I can get to it.


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