Aggressive doe

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Aggressive doe

Post Number:#1  Unread postby Easy Ears » Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:23 pm

I have a nearly 3 year old Holland lop doe that I got last May/June. She was treated badly in the home I got her from. :( I bought her and a buck from the same place. The buck has become the biggest teddy bear around, and absolutely LOVES attention, but the doe...well, she was understandably nervous. Over time she has grown aggressive, and is so lighting fast. I've been bit by her multiple times and she never wants to breed. I only have the one other Holland buck who is quite the gentleman and never bites her or anything, just nuzzles her and thumps trying to get her to lift, but each time she goes into the neutral breeding pen she becomes a blob and flattens to the ground. If it try to make her lift she bits (I've learned to wear gloves) and if she does ever keep on the move she gets annoyed easily and starts taking it out on the buck. I thought over time she'd start to warm up a bit, but things just seem to be getting worse. I moved her to a large 2 story hutch, and spoil her, trying to get her to warm up to me, but she shuns all my efforts. I've had does that didn't like people but none like her, she won't even let me pet her anymore. I kept breeding her to try and keep a kit from her (she is the cutest most prettiest Holland I've ever seen and I just love her type) and after many attempts I finally got a litter out of her. She is SUCH a good momma. :) But out of the litter there is only one doe which is not the color I wanted... :|
I think it is mainly a territorial issue, because when I get her out of her hutch and in the yard I can pet her all over and she doesn't bite, but I can't tell what she's thinking, she just seems to block everything out, and comes back to life when I put her back in her cage. I'm not sure what to make of her...I just thought she would have come around by now...any suggestions on how I could bond better with her? I try to spend time with her, but she just seems so nervous when I'm around. I go out to make my rounds in the rabbitry 2x a day. In the morning to feed and at night to make sure everything is ok and to tarp the hutches if it is a chilly night. She is used to me, but hates been picked up etc. but if she knows I am not trying to grab her she settles down a bit so I've tried trying to leave her alone and only taking her out when she needs her nails trimmed but that seems to make things worse. Any suggestions? :?

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Oh and I found this website on another thread and read this topic: ... nds-of-me/

At the very end quote:
Finally, there is the all-out nuclear weapon of insults, reserved only for the most offensive, utterly unacceptable, good for nothing individuals and behavior: urine. And if you’ve ever had to clean up a pungent puddle of bunny pee, often bright yellow, orange, or even red, and more than a little odorous, then you know just how powerful this weapon really is. Note that urine used for marking territory and ownership is another story entirely. But when your rabbit pees on your pillow (yes, it happens), you have obviously qualified as the lowest of the low. If you respond in kind, then you probably deserved it.

She is also EXTREMELY messy, using her bottom level as her litterbox. Pees and poops everywhere. When I first put her in that hutch she wasn't exactly clean but she did TRY to pee in the corners (where the wire is) but scattered her poo around (I thought it was just territorial until I read the above) and she now pees in puddles everywhere. It's not that she is just very unclean because her upper level is nearly spotless. :| I think she hates me.
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Re: Aggressive doe

Post Number:#2  Unread postby ozemba » Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:30 pm

The only thing I can think of is make sure each of your visits to the hutch involve treats of some kind. Make sure she associates you with good things, try to handle her as much as she'll allow before getting grumpy, then give her her space.

I just picked up two does, one is all cuddles and rosebuds and the other boxes at me when I put her food and hay in. I'm just slowly getting her used to me and the goings ons at her new home, I always take treats out with me when I check on them. Either veggies from the fridge or a handful of greens from the yard. She seems to appreciate them and it keeps her occupied if I have to do anything with my hands in her cage.

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