Palominos and Champagne D'Argents in NW Arkansas

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Palominos and Champagne D'Argents in NW Arkansas

Post Number:#1  Unread postby Ozarkansas » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:11 pm

I have 2 Champagne D'Argent bucks from War Eagle and Crosby lines.
One of them is 3 months old, and would make a great pet, show rabbit, or herd buck. He is tattooed and pedigreed. $20
The other buck is 10 months old, and would make a good herd buck. He is proven, tattooed, and pedigreed. He is a little under weight though. $35
And several Palomino rabbits from Dirty Creek Bunnies and Ferm Family Farm lines.
1 Adult doe, about a year old, show quality, tattooed, not pedigreed $30
1 Adult buck, brother to the above doe, show quality, tattooed, not pedigreed, proven father $30
1 Adult buck, about 2 years old, unrelated to the rest, show quality, tattooed, pedigreed, proven father $50
1 11 week old doe, full pedigree, show quality, tattooed, excellent lines $35
1 11 week old buck, show quality, tattooed, pick of the litter, very partial pedigree, $20
2 11 week old does, show quality, tattoos available for additional $5, very partial pedigree $10 each
Each rabbit comes with transition food, and several American Rabbit Breeders Association brochures on how to care for your rabbits.
Feel free to ask questions or PM me for more details :)
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Raising quality purebred Beveren, Dutch, English Spot, Holland Lop, and Tan rabbits. As well as White Crested cavies. Primarily for show in NW Arkansas.

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