Mini Lops, Mini Satins, and Jersey Woolies, OH MY!

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Mini Lops, Mini Satins, and Jersey Woolies, OH MY!

Post Number:#1  Unread postby The_Dutchess » Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:34 am

Hey! I'm located in West Michigan and my brother and I raise Mini Lops, Mini Satins, and Jersey Woolies. I have lots available and more periodically available throughout the year, usually.

Mini Lops
Molly Watson (I'm a Sherlock fan) is ready to go to a new home. Not the greatest show rabbit; she's got an early rise and needs more depth. But she would likely be a decent brood doe, and she's a sweetie. I'd love her to go to a pet home as well, since she just loves my family's commotion, and she doesn't care one bit about the dog, cat (who routinely tries to eat her (but don't worry the cat's just dumb enough to try to get through the bars, there's no actual danger)) and 4 year old child.

8 - 6 week old Mini Lop kits
Meet Kit Kat, Snickers, Twix, Dove, Reese, Skittles and Oreo! These playful babies are as sweet and irresistible as the candy-themed names. This was a bit of a rainbow litter: 2 broken chestnut agoutis, three chestnut agoutis, 2 broken blacks, and I think there are 5 bucks and 3 does, but since they're so young it's difficult to tell. What I can tell you is these cuties are from a doe that won Reserve Grand Champion and a buck that won at Mini Lop nationals(he received 1st out of the bucks, I don't know what that's called..Best of Group?) This in no way guarantees that they will be as good as or better than their parents, but it certainly can't hurt to have an impressive pedigree. I'm seeing some promising type out of these babies. :D

Mini Satins
8 - 5 week old Mini Satin kits
Our Mini Satin babies are a riot. They never sit still, it's just go go go! To be completely honest, they aren't the friendliest babies; yet they're easy to handle. No bad attitudes, they just don't like to cuddle. This is our first breeding of Mini Satins, but since they're such a sought-after breed, so far that's not been much of a con.

Jersey Woolies
3 - 4 week old Jersey Wooly kits
Finally we have the triplets that have been wooing the crowds with lustrous fluffiness since day..7. Harmony, Melody, and Treble have just as much personality as they have hair! Harmony is a lilac puffball who sincerely believes that the world is meant to be her personal slave. But give her a dandelion, and you'll get kisses. Melody is a blue fur ball who's a bit more reserved than Harmony, but makes it up with lasting sweetness once you earn her trust. Finally... we have Treble, who's always in trouble. He's just at the baby stage where EVERYTHING goes in his mouth; including tails from various animals(cats, dogs, an attempted squirrel, and his siblings), power cords, cage bars, plastic, fingertips, and more. But don't be fooled, he secretly loves to cuddle.

Are your heartstrings pulled yet? Well, if they are, PM me for more information.
- Please note that any babies advertised under 8 weeks old are only mentioned in advance. I will not sell any baby rabbits younger than 8 weeks old.
- I cannot guarantee any rabbit as pet, show, or brood quality. If I have mentioned something regarding a use for the rabbit, it is a recommendation based on my best, educated guess. It is not set in stone.
-All rabbits I sell are showable and come with a pedigree unless specifically stated as PET QUALITY. Additionally, rabbits come with a sales contract, a care sheet, any previous show records, and a bag of transition feed unless requested otherwise.
-For more specific information regarding price, my location, visiting the rabbitry, general questions, etc. please shoot me a PM. I won't bite! :)

Thank you so much for looking, and have a blessed day! :pancake:

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